21 Jan 2019 19:52:53
Desperately in need of reassurance we are not going to sell Jack Clark, and definitely not cheaply?

1.) 21 Jan 2019
21 Jan 2019 21:09:28
Ok, Jack Clarke, NOT FOR SALE.

2.) 21 Jan 2019
21 Jan 2019 21:23:52
No chance this transfer window. Why would we sell the brightest talent in the league, while we are top, and pushing for promotion, unless the money offered was just stupid. That and I don’t think the lad would want to go!

3.) 22 Jan 2019
22 Jan 2019 02:33:18
Just seen some proper claptrap on NewsNow, Clarke sale to fund transfer! made me chuckle.

4.) 22 Jan 2019
22 Jan 2019 09:09:34
They’re embarrassing, sell JC to 'fund' the purchase of another player for the same amount?

Does no one proof read stuff anymore or are they all aged 12 writing this stuff?

JC not for sale

He’s going to be worth £50 plus as a premiership player and even then I’d not sell.

5.) 22 Jan 2019
22 Jan 2019 11:14:16
Won't sell Clarke this window unless it was 50 mil+.

6.) 22 Jan 2019
22 Jan 2019 11:51:56
Will not be going anywhere this window. It will be his dream to take Leeds back to Premiership and he will not want to miss that.