30 Jul 2020 17:04:40
All this talk about new signings but maybe Strujk could prove to be as good as any 20 million defender and we already have Shackleton and bogusz coming through and we have signed Harrison and costa and Meslier in goal and Poveda as well .
Roberts and bamford maybe all that bielsa wants up front . There is nothing to say the players we have coming through maybe as good and what's on the market for big big money.

1.) 30 Jul 2020
30 Jul 2020 17:52:33
Would be excellent if so . and why not indeed

I remember the youth of Batty, Speed Gary Kelly, Woodgate, Harte, Smith, Kewell, Robinson, McPhail etc coming through the Leeds United youth set up and being more than good enough to play Premier League football.

2.) 30 Jul 2020
30 Jul 2020 18:18:53
I really believe will stick with the squad, I think he will look to bring in a forward player and I do think we need cover at the back but I just can’t see it.

3.) 30 Jul 2020
30 Jul 2020 21:50:07
i honestly think stuijk and shacks can be champions league class with podvka not far behind, the rest might be a step too far like davis, kenneth, edmonson, casey, bogatuz and kun to mention just a few.

the future looks bright and think this lot can maybe rival the wilko and o'leary crop of golden boys.

4.) 30 Jul 2020
30 Jul 2020 21:51:27
Yeah but Bamford is 5hit.

5.) 31 Jul 2020
30 Jul 2020 23:01:00

Bamford is far from $h! t. In the formation that Bielsa prefers he has played that role amazingly well for a first full season. The guy is perpetual motion. He occupies 4 defenders on his own most games!

Your point, and most similar posters point, is that he doesn't score enough goals and misses some sitter.
The way a Bielsa centre forward plays he is not expected to be prolific. He is expected to occupy areas well away from the goal. Pull the defence about. My own opinion is that Costa, Harrison (who has come on leaps and bounds this year) and Klich have not scored enough goals.
Yes, Bamford misses some sitters but if the others would put some of their chances away then there would be less pressure on Bamford as he takes his shot.

6.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 05:15:16
Costa, Harrison (despite his improvement) and Klich aren't good enough either, you're right. But regardless of the other aspects of his game Bamford's finishing is atrocious and he should have got twice the number of goals for the chances he was given. So we need someone with that kind of work rate but a decent finish as well.

7.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 07:20:23
Bamford's finishing is atrocious probably because he is shouldering the pressure of scoring the goals for Leeds Inited to get them promoted. I would suggest that had others players scored more goals during the season that Bamford goal return would have been higher just thro lack of pressure

My example of changing characteristics due to pressure is Leeds last 2 games of this season.
We were up. We were champions.
We beat a Derby side that had automatic promotion form since Rooney arrived. We beat a Charlton side battling to avoid relegation. Not only did we beat them, we beat them well. Not only did we beat them well but we beat them whilst still drunk. This was all down to the players feeling no pressure.

I totally agree Bamford's goals per chances is incredibly low this season, but McCormack got 40 in a season and we did nothing that year. Wood was around 30 and we did nothing that year too. I much prefer moaning about my number 9 only getting 15 goals and us lifting a trophy.

8.) 31 Jul 2020
31 Jul 2020 13:34:07
Axe, Bamford is not and never will be a out +out no 9,

Sentiment aside now, paddy cannot be our main striker next season, as you well know now chances are a lot less in the big time, and there's no way we can accommodate Paddy's lack of again next year .

We need 2 new strikers up top imo, paddy as a squad player next season for. me.