27 Oct 2020 04:37:23
Def a weird prem league soccer far. Results all over the place with us beating villa but villa best Leicester and Leicester beat arsenal and other results unusual too.
Nobody seems to have found their feet. No real pattern. I would be comfortable in saying we should stay up this year. Top 10 and above won't really be possible to predict until the new year.
A good start and hope it continues.

1.) 27 Oct 2020
27 Oct 2020 14:30:17
I think the only ones who have found their feet are Fulham and Sheffield Utd, they just can’t use them properly!

Hopefully those two will keep losing and be joined by Villa, Brighton, Burnley, West Brom and Man U, all propping up the league!

2.) 27 Oct 2020
27 Oct 2020 16:08:39
What's even weirder.
End of May, LUFC v WBA. We win grab Europe and they go down.
Maybe worth a few bob.

3.) 27 Oct 2020
27 Oct 2020 16:27:44
Aus Au contraire. It is more that many teams more than usual have found their feet. There's only 6 or 7 teams with no hope whatsoever of winning the PL. The remainder so easily could which includes us. My guess is we're probably 2 players short of doing so but the point is the gap between sides has narrowed now. Hence probably why the big clubs are making a run for the JP Morgan backed proposed European Premier League. They want to hold onto their perceived power for longer but time is short. What's happened is the available pool of top players has widened and become more accessible to most PL clubs (due in no small part to sustained television income) and the skill of managers has improved due to increased professionalism with names of the past such as Fergie and Wenger blazing the way. There are many competent managers now. Become a little like boxing now where "styles make fights" hence the results between Liverpool Leeds Villa Liverpool and Villa Leeds. Long may it continue. Great league now. Took 27 years for it to happen.