05 Mar 2021 07:03:58
I have read a bit about Forshaw and to a lesser extent Berardi with fans saying how we should cut our losses, get rid, can't carry players etc but I totally disagree. I think both players have been crucial to our success because the club and Bielsa have been so loyal to them. Personally I see this as yet another Bielsa masterstroke because he wants 100% commitment and loyalty from his players to buy into his tough regime, but he has that in spades with this squad, and part of that reason will be that they can see that loyalty working both ways. Loyalty is an outdated word in the modern game and seeing it at my beloved Leeds United makes me proud.

1.) 05 Mar 2021
05 Mar 2021 12:46:10
It’s admirable that we have shown loyalty to our players, but not sure how crucial they have been to our success, especially Forshaw, he’s probably played less for Leeds than Seth Johnson did!

2.) 05 Mar 2021
05 Mar 2021 13:48:26
Got to agree with you general, Forshaw didn't do anything for our promotion season and we should move him on asap. As for Berardi he gives 110% to the cause. Just watching U23s live and Berardi playing, pretty quick return from a serious knee injury. And Forshaw is where? Anyway, 2 to the good at moment, excellent goal from Rodrigo!

3.) 05 Mar 2021
05 Mar 2021 14:15:46
I think you're missing the point I was making. Of course from a productivity view neither has done anything this season and Forshaw very little last season. Its not about those individuals tho but the effect of the actions taken by Bielsa and the club on the remaining group. They can see how loyal Bielsa is to his squad and that surely must pay dividends when he is asking them to jump through hoops every day. This act of loyalty towards the squad should earn even more respect from them towards Bielsa.

4.) 05 Mar 2021
05 Mar 2021 14:54:35
Sorry WBTI, I understand now what you mean, and I agree totally, who wouldn’t want to work for a boss like MB.

5.) 05 Mar 2021
05 Mar 2021 15:02:52
Agreed WBIT
It's a fair, logical and valid point you make.