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Team: Leeds United

Where from: Swarcliffe leeds

Favourite player: Norman Hunter

Best team moment: Big Doms header San sero

Interests: Having a few sherbets with the boys and a good Alf discussion about United or the Rhinos (my other passion)

Timezone: (GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca

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24 Dec 2019 19:47:57
Is it April already? Hearing qsi might loan us Edison cavani as part of the investment deal if this happens I'll start believing in Santa again.



20 Sep 2019 09:49:25
Was reading that Adidas was preparing a bid to become our next kit manufacturer, shows what happens when your doing well seems everyone wants to be associated with you.

1.) 20 Sep 2019 12:41:40
love adidas I hope that is true.

2.) 20 Sep 2019 13:22:39
mappa best ever leeds kits,

3.) 20 Sep 2019 19:55:27
Mappa? Is that a new make Chris.

4.) 21 Sep 2019 17:30:06

5.) 22 Sep 2019 19:01:54
mappa , what a nugget.

{Ed047's Note - has spell checker done you again?

6.) 24 Sep 2019 11:06:34
Gotta say, there’s not a single kit that I haven’t loved, maybe with the exception of the Vicar’s collar one that Carlton Palmer adorned. Would love Adidas tho, as long as it had blue, white then yellow 3 stripe trim all down the arms. That would be mint!

7.) 24 Sep 2019 20:01:10
Yea man and it would advertise Leeds pride who I support.

8.) 25 Sep 2019 14:09:05
who's Leeds pride Martyn?



28 Jan 2019 12:09:58
Mcburnie put out on Twitter that james is going nowhere this window.

1.) 28 Jan 2019 13:47:51
Mcsillyname can fork off!

2.) 28 Jan 2019 14:06:32
Detecting a bit of boatymcboatyface name calling going on here george.

3.) 28 Jan 2019 16:06:43
Martyn, did you notice that since the “alleged” £10 mill offer has gone in McBurnie deleted his post 🤔.

4.) 28 Jan 2019 16:18:02

5.) 28 Jan 2019 16:31:00
so £6m rising to £10m if redtop The Scum is to be believed.

6.) 28 Jan 2019 16:37:51

7.) 28 Jan 2019 16:39:16

8.) 28 Jan 2019 17:07:51

9.) 28 Jan 2019 19:36:08
Now it's doing mcfrikenheadin.

10.) 31 Jan 2019 16:14:49



22 Jan 2019 16:58:28
Mateusz Bogusz 17yr old polish attacking midfielder has supposed to have signed. He's regarded as one of the best young players to come out of poland. At 17 he's scored 5 senior goals this season. Just waiting for the announcement.

1.) 22 Jan 2019 17:53:49
"one for the future" probably means he'll be playing next week 😀.



14 Jan 2019 08:58:43
Courtois injured at real Madrid could scupper our keeper deal.

1.) 14 Jan 2019 15:08:52
We've got the Gooners lad lined up as well according to reports, just in case :)




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14 Apr 2020 08:11:44
Question: How may perverts does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Answer: one

But it takes 2 doctors and 3 nurses at A&E to get it out of his a#*e hole.



12 Apr 2020 20:11:00
Women only call me big fat and ugly until they find out what I earn.

Then they call me big fat and ugly and poor.

1.) 13 Apr 2020 10:22:34
The boss is back!

2.) 13 Apr 2020 20:13:15
Welcome back old bean. Sorely missed your (preposterous) jokes.



12 Apr 2020 08:01:20
Hello boys and cork, just thought I'd pop on in and do a headcount in these difficult times, stay in and stay safe. love you all 😉.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks Martyn

1.) 12 Apr 2020 08:51:16
Same to you Martyn! Hope all is well, and hang around!

2.) 12 Apr 2020 10:31:05
Cheers martyn, stay safe all the guys on here . That promotion party is waiting for us!

3.) 12 Apr 2020 10:48:51
Good to hear from you Martyn. I hope you are well.

4.) 12 Apr 2020 11:55:15
Hello Martyn hope you are following your own advice. It would be nice if everyone is here on the first day of football. Some of the names who have drifted away and some who have thrown in the towel.

5.) 12 Apr 2020 13:07:59
We will be here first kick chaps.
Very strange world for all.
I keep thinking that the virus has dehumanised death if that makes sense. The whole world wanting their numbers to drop so life can return to semi normal.
I keep thinking of the heartbreak that literally millions of people and families are going through. It’s a devastating time for generations and life will never be the normal we knew last year.
But come the day the ball is put on the centre circle. We will all be back frustrating the hell out of each other 👍
And when we come back. We will kill this league once and for all.
Welcome back Martyn and thanks for confirming what I always suspected.

6.) 12 Apr 2020 14:04:53
Alright Martyn nice to have you back. I’m confused by the “and cork” bit though. Can you explain? Am I missing something?

7.) 12 Apr 2020 14:44:40
You prob are missing something! Cork.

8.) 12 Apr 2020 16:53:27
Great to hear from you Martyn take care big guy and love to all.

9.) 12 Apr 2020 17:29:24
Hey Martyn.

Think it was banter Corky.

10.) 12 Apr 2020 19:47:25
One third man, one third cat and one third guinness. All in jest cork.

It's been a while just hope all are ok, I'm ok at the moment as i can get my kebabs delivered. Pretty sure the chilli sauce could be the new cure.

11.) 12 Apr 2020 19:49:19
And what did you always suspect aus?

12.) 12 Apr 2020 20:47:55
I must be getting touchy with this lockdown.
Again welcome back Mart.

13.) 13 Apr 2020 09:36:58
Not back cork just popping in to make sure your all behaving yourself it's back to my cave to finish my hibernation, could use the beauty sleep. Stay safe lads.

14.) 13 Apr 2020 09:40:03
Welcome back Martyn, good to see you're still here.
ALAW 👍💙💛💙.



28 Jan 2020 20:47:19
Remember when this was supposed to be banter were did it all go? It's been taken over by moaners and whiners who prob don't even go more than twice a year. Time to call it a day on here it used to be a great laugh but far too serious now. Stay in good health boys and cork 😉.

1.) 28 Jan 2020 20:56:41
Martyns before you check out, maybe now just maybe you will finally realize what we been saying for. a hell of a long time and because of that you and others call us moaners, yet most things we have been saying are now becoming the reality .

2.) 28 Jan 2020 21:16:35
chris shh were great again weyhey.

3.) 28 Jan 2020 21:21:17
I love everyone again, ha ha, even the stranger next to me now, ha ha come on.

4.) 28 Jan 2020 21:46:38
Fickle fans. Are the best. 😤😤.

5.) 28 Jan 2020 21:50:23
We are Leeds Martyn! THAT is what the second half was about. Faith from people like you, and others on here.

6.) 28 Jan 2020 21:53:26
Come on Martyn. Think again. Love it or loathe it, agree or disagree not everyone is capable of mediating their thoughts and after all, no matter how they say it (within reason) they/ we are all allowed to voice our feelings. Sometimes I am sure my feelings and frustrations can come across as whingeing/ moaning. Sometimes I see the problem and the solution but for some reason no one else can. It gets to head against wall time. Let them moan just point out where they are wrong and let the Eds do the rest. Stick with us Martyn.

7.) 28 Jan 2020 21:56:43
Don’t you go Martyn!
We’ve lost Mick, Spanish, Speedy, and a good few others.

Agree site nothing like as much fun it was in couple of seasons ago, but you still have an important contribution to make Big Fella.

Hope you reconsider, shame to miss the promotion season after all the time you’ve been contributing Martyn.

8.) 28 Jan 2020 22:04:38

We are Leeds

We stand together brother.

9.) 28 Jan 2020 22:07:10
Well said Class!
Stick around Martyn!

10.) 28 Jan 2020 22:13:57
Too many arseholes on here. Don’t let em get you down mate even though it’s hard. Keep on posting mate as we can’t afford to lose another proper supporter. MOT.

11.) 28 Jan 2020 22:43:52
Well said
Corky. By looks off it wev lost George too.
Not surprised really.
Onwards and upwards. Can’t win every time. But when we do Then it feels great too be a white. 💙🤍💛

12.) 28 Jan 2020 23:03:17

George stands with us always.



28 Jan 2020 17:25:49
For all the posters who say radz doesn't spend his own money on the club. It's been announced he writes a cheque for £1 million a month to subsidise wages of players. For some out there that's £12 million a year of his own money 😉.

1.) 28 Jan 2020 18:35:39
I struggle to find fault with Radz, Orta, Kinnear and Bielsa. They all make mistakes, but let he who hath not sinned cast the first stone etc. I am impressed by what they bring to the party. Now let's shove it up Millwall!

2.) 28 Jan 2020 18:44:46
So basically what you are saying is that LUFC is a big black hole swallowing cash?
In all fairness do you think so that Andrea is hanging around happily losing 12mill a year because he loves Leeds United?

And the 12mill a year you speak of Martyn, there was multiples of millions pulled out of the club a few years ago on "stationery " costs

Do you remember that 1?

If Leeds are haemorooging cash like that God help the rest of the clubs in the league, come to think of it how even would there be a league if the loses were accrued like that?

3.) 28 Jan 2020 18:48:28
Yeah right.

4.) 28 Jan 2020 18:48:46
Yes he takes it out of the 20 million rent we pay, and no matter what he puts in he will get it all back when he sold up and a lot more not a bad day at the office.

5.) 28 Jan 2020 18:59:08
so we bring in close to £40million a year, yet we are still short by £12million? so our outgoings are £52million per year? I really, really cannot see that unless he maybe gets £3million a month salary just to himself.

6.) 28 Jan 2020 19:22:15
No Alf we are building a new training facility £25 million, whiteman he bought the ground for £20 million so who would rent it back for £20 million a yr? That’s straight out of Dianne Abbott’s school of economics Chris we are also committed to over £20 on Harrison and costa and poss another £19.7 on JKA. This was point the other week it’s easy to spend someone else’s money but until it’s yours been spent then your opinion of him don’t count. If you dislike him so much whiteman and say he’s got no money then why don’t you buy him out? Make him an offer kid he’s skint remember 😉.

7.) 28 Jan 2020 19:49:31
Mart so people never have anything positive to say and always see the worst in people. As my old Nan used to say if you ain’t got anything nice to say shut the eff up! ’.

8.) 28 Jan 2020 20:00:46
No Martyn I leave the dream world scenarios to you,
If you honestly believe that Andrea is shovelling 12m a year loss into Leeds then 2 things are about to happen we will go bang with those type of loses annually if we don't go up this year and the other is pigs are finally going to take off .

Don't bother wasting your time trying to ( educate ) me with another reply because I will never believe any business man is happily losing that type of money to remain in the championship.

9.) 28 Jan 2020 20:38:14
Martyn, so he has his money back and now it’s all profit 20 million year on year that out of Dianna Abbott’s book on how to rip the fans off and it’s about time you see that instead of fumbling comments like that.

10.) 28 Jan 2020 20:38:16
I think I would rather have seen £25million invested into the team than a 'training facility' that will probably belong to Radz and not the club. Honestly Martyn mate I think you are very naive if you are swallowing all the spin that comes out of ER lately. We sell our players, replace them with loans or kids and you thik this is healthy. Wake up and see what is happening bud. If we go up we might buy Augustin but otherwise its another £3 or £4 million wasted not a purchase of 19.7 million (which I think was Euro's, not pounds btw)

11.) 28 Jan 2020 20:44:00
Not happy then buy the club and show him how it’s done then.

12.) 28 Jan 2020 20:55:09
Corkwhite2 your post works both ways mate, you see 💩 long enough you will believe it’s gold .

13.) 28 Jan 2020 22:16:16
Think the bickering needs to stop.
You neg heads have basically just bullied a good poster of many years into leaving, with your unfounded “facts”.
We’re all supposed to be Leeds, and for as much as you slag the Radz regime, he is not responsible for the last 20 years, and nor is it his responsibility to atone for previous chairmen.

14.) 29 Jan 2020 04:37:37
Brightwhite, unfounded, but true, bullied, that works both ways mate.




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27 Jan 2020 18:13:35
I got a feeling too george, turned out to be just wind.



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27 Jan 2020 11:47:34
You scan never say never with leeds, that’s why I don’t panic like some I just sit back and what will be will be.



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27 Jan 2020 07:48:43
He’s supposed to be having a medical today.



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27 Jan 2020 07:47:36
Whiteman it’s only you who said we can’t afford anyone.



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25 Jan 2020 23:24:07
Says you Chris that article reader 🤭😜😂.




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13 Apr 2020 09:36:58
Not back cork just popping in to make sure your all behaving yourself it's back to my cave to finish my hibernation, could use the beauty sleep. Stay safe lads.



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12 Apr 2020 19:49:19
And what did you always suspect aus?



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12 Apr 2020 19:47:25
One third man, one third cat and one third guinness. All in jest cork.

It's been a while just hope all are ok, I'm ok at the moment as i can get my kebabs delivered. Pretty sure the chilli sauce could be the new cure.



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28 Jan 2020 20:44:00
Not happy then buy the club and show him how it’s done then.



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28 Jan 2020 20:41:03
5 yr plan chris and seasons not over, you should go support Liverpool pal, ah yea I forgot you wouldn’t have anything to moan at.