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05 Mar 2020 13:33:06
The word out that Castilla leaving in the summer will probably be not far from the mark. It’ll be pretty difficult for him to continue at the club with this conviction hanging over his head.

It’s difficult to know the truth in all this, I’m sure he’s not a racist, but it looks quite possible he’s said something he shouldn’t have. Just hope the young Meslier does well and if he does, then could make the number 1 shirt his for a very long time.


1.) 05 Mar 2020 13:56:21
Honestly don't think kiko is strong enough for the premiership to be honest. Although his distribution with the ball is quite good he is terrible from crosses and set pieces. Think we would be looking at replacing him as no.1 anyway if we go up.

2.) 13 Mar 2020 15:51:46
Agree cannot see Leeds starting next season with either Kiko or Meslier in Goal if we are promoted. I think we would look for a proven Number 1.
Meslier will go on to be first choice for a long while but not Prem ready yet.



15 Jan 2020 09:53:54
I think the players burnt themselves out a bit against Arsenal, the tempo that we played was quite extraordinary, Bamford looked knackered at the end of the match, plus Ayling and Dallas took knocks. It might explain our dismal turnout against the Wendies.
I’m hoping there’ll be a big response against QPR.


1.) 15 Jan 2020 10:20:08
Agreed, wish we had played against a L2 team rather than Arsenal and we had rested the entire first team and played the U23s.



21 Oct 2019 09:37:01
I’m of the belief that our stagnation in goals is not the cause of our strikers but of their supply, stats are starting to show that Bamford and Nketiah on his brief play have not touched/ received the ball enough. Costa is not in his element yet and Harrison does have a tendency to blow hot and cold.
Big dilemma for Bielsa?, I don’t think so, but I hope he finds a solution soon. Missing Pablo.


1.) 21 Oct 2019 11:19:39
Totally agree. Too many 50:50 chances, not enough clear cut ones.

2.) 21 Oct 2019 18:06:20
was the same last season - the stats don't tell the whole story. 20 half chances a game are not as good as 2 clear cut ones. Bamford still hopeless, however.



21 Aug 2019 00:46:01
Days of losing to our so called bogey teams and ex players coming back to haunt us are over.
This Leeds United team is the best I’ve seen for a long time, and I don’t think they are in 2nd gear yet.


1.) 21 Aug 2019 07:23:08
Let's hope that these words don't come back to haunt us. Seems we are struggling with the typical injuries 4 games in. The fact that we never brought another centre half still worries me. Brentford never an easy team to play so expect a tough game.

2.) 21 Aug 2019 21:05:13
Please Marcelo don't leave the subs till 13 minutes from time,

3.) 22 Aug 2019 11:09:39
Yeah its a bit early to declare we have that monkey of our back - that's probably the optimistic side of you speaking!

4.) 24 Aug 2019 15:33:51
How is Stuart Dallas playing over shackleton! WAY TOO SLOW. A good squad player. that's IT! Bamford hasn't touched the ball in 30 Mins!

5.) 24 Aug 2019 15:36:56
You know He is Going to score now!

6.) 24 Aug 2019 15:45:13

7.) 26 Aug 2019 21:23:21
Ha Ha ha ha hooksie Classic mate! 😎.




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06 Apr 2020 09:26:51
Trump has a heart attack and dies. He goes to Hell where the Devil is waiting for him.

"I don't know what to do, " says the Devil. "You're on my list but I have no room for you. But you definitely have to stay here, so I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I've got three people here who weren't quite as bad as you. I'll let one of them go, but you have to take their place. I'll even let YOU decide who leaves. "
Trump thought that sounded pretty good so he agreed.

The devil opened the first room. In it was Richard Nixon and a large pool of water. He kept diving in and surfacing empty handed over and over and over, such was his fate in Hell.
"No! " Trump said. "I don't think so. I'm not a good swimmer and I don't think I could do that all day long. "

The Devil led him to the next room. In it was Tony Blair with a sledgehammer and a room full of rocks. All he did was swing that hammer, time after time after time.
"No! I've got this problem with my shoulder. I would be in constant agony if all I could do was break rocks all day! " commented Trump.

The Devil opened a third door. In it, Trump saw Bill Clinton lying naked on the floor with his arms staked over his head and his legs staked in spread-eagle pose. Bent over him was Monica Lewinsky, doing what she does best.

Trump looked at this in disbelief for a while and finally said, "Yeah, I can handle this. "

The Devil smiled and said, "Monica, you're free to go! "


1.) 06 Apr 2020 12:11:50
Like it Opti, good one.

2.) 06 Apr 2020 13:36:19
Hilarious 😂.



02 Apr 2020 14:05:03
Bit of yesterday’s news but just wondered what others thoughts are.
Concerning Jack Grealish, who cares about that twit, couldn’t agree more but what I wanted to say is where does role model and professional footballer ever entwine?
Most of them are very over paid young men who don’t live in the real world, a pro footballer would be one of the last persons in society I would want my kids to look up to and admire as a“role model” citizen. Their skills of mastering the great game of football yes but what they do or say off the field absolutely not.


1.) 02 Apr 2020 16:12:46
I sort of agree with you but only in the logical world of a grown up adult. In a young kids mind it's different. They look up to footballers as role models based merely on how good they can kick a piece of leather. Some, thank God not that many, look up to Grealish as we looked up to Lennon and Jagger. Maybe ever so slightly because they couldn't give a f**k about authority.
Back to Grealish. To me it seems as though he is not just a misunderstood, naughty boy but someone with an attitude problem and if it wasn't for the fact that he can kick a ball, no team would touch him with a bargepole.



31 Mar 2020 08:37:23
Jack Harrison
“It’s an exciting opportunity if I was to go back to Man City and work again with Pep Guardiola”.

He has during his period at Leeds evolved into a better player than when he arrived, but I’m very doubtful he would find a place in the City squad.
Can he get better? There’s promising signs for Harrison but I think but I think his future will definitely be at Leeds Utd.


1.) 31 Mar 2020 09:19:26
He’s improved drastically this year, and his assist stats prove that, as well as successful crosses made. At £8m he’s a bargain. I would also suggest he has the best first touch in the division. You’re right tho, he has no chance at Citeh, as they buy wingers for £80m.

2.) 31 Mar 2020 20:41:21
Harrisin needs to keep his mouth shut and concentrate on improving his end product especially goalscoring . he has no chance of getting anywhere near a Guardiola Man. City first team squad.

3.) 01 Apr 2020 07:46:25
It’s not as bad as it sounds past the headline. He’s a man citeh player. Story was his value is now £20m. He said he wasn’t averse to playing under Pep, whilst probably realising he won’t. He also said he could take egat he’s learned under MB anywhere.

He’s on loan. I suspect at £8m we would buy, at £20m we would not

Fairly diplomatic answer from the lad

It’s a nothing story.

4.) 01 Apr 2020 08:58:15
Well said Woody. Another nothing story, in a sporting world full of nothing stories right now. They have nothing to do but speculate, and create. Like Gerrard taking over from Bielsa, and the QSI deal being done at £135 million.



29 Mar 2020 19:31:06
So many people, football pundits, managers and players especially the ones whose teams could potentially be relegated or stuck mid table are too ready to call for the season to be scrapped.
Ferdinand yesterday, Kane today saying give it till end of June. It truly makes me laugh unless you are Liverpool, Leeds, WBA or possibly Fulham and Coventry of course who give a flying f@@k.
What makes them so sure the new season will get started in August!?


1.) 29 Mar 2020 20:46:53
Imo I think if it’s not started or in preparation to start by end off June. We may struggle too see it finish. We could easily condense the 9 remaining games into a 4 week period but they are talking about a mini pre season aswell. Fs. Just not start the 20/ 21 season until start off sept or mid sept. Cancel the carabue cup. And make the prem league match the championship and play sat / wed / sat for a few months. We will be used too that anyway. 😂😂⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️👍👍👍.

2.) 29 Mar 2020 22:16:11
They must finish this season, even if it impacts on next season. The ramifications for all clubs, financially, are far too great theses days, for a season to be written off.
And I’m honestly saying that with impartiality. It would be ridiculous for the season to be scrapped, in the PL for example, without Liverpool being proven champions. Equally so the lower divisions, including us.

3.) 29 Mar 2020 23:25:55
OP, Batty and Brighty spot on

Fifa and UEFA are simply deluded if they have any notion that a FULL.2020/ 2021 season can be achieved. ir simply cant. and furthermore there will be empty stadiums indefinitely

. So forthe integrity of football after a season 2919/ 2020 that has 80% completed. the season simply cannot be voided and must be completed at some point within the next 14 months

1) Simply play the remaining 20% of games whenever it is. if is means playing them later in the year or next year then do so . behind closed doors

One thing for me is certain there is not a cat in hell's chance that crowds will return to watch sport before January 2021

If any season should be truncated (or even voided it should be the season 2020/ 2021 . FIFA and the football authorities must know that there is absolutely no rush to complete ths season as next season 2020/ 2021 seriously needs to be truncated to half the games. play each team once .

there is zero chance of any supporters being allowed to go to congregate in packed stadiums this year 2020 . maybe still not even in 2021

FIFA UEFA get a grip .

finish the season 2019/ 2020 that has almost concluded . after which then decide if it feasible to salvage the train wreck that will be trying to do a (full or even half ) 2020/ 2021 season.

4.) 30 Mar 2020 08:04:33
Aaaaaand, spot on too, Baz!



12 Mar 2020 17:19:55
Playing behind closed doors for the remaining season would be the solution but. what if a number of players or half the playing squad become infected in the league’s. !?
It could be that this season will be abandoned, I’m trying to be optimistic about how this will pan out but the reality of it all does not look good. It’s a veritable clusterf##k for our club with the Premiership so close.


1.) 12 Mar 2020 18:08:40
OP I share your concerns, as do Liverpool fans.

2.) 12 Mar 2020 20:53:59
Play next 2 games then call a halt too football season and as league stands. That’s how it will finish. 👍👍⚽️⚽️⚽️😂😂😂.

3.) 13 Mar 2020 02:21:36
They would either have to suspend the season to a later date which will create all kinds of problems with contracts and player transfers depending on how long it lasts. - or -
Cancel the season completly and the leagues stay as they are same teams remain in the league for next year which would be the worst senario for us. (Prem will prob be decided by then and they will award Liverpoop the league. they just need to win their next two games I think) - or -
Cancel the rest of the season and where you are is how you finish. This won't happen as teams like A, Villa would take legal action because relagation is not a foregone conclusion and teams just outside the 6 won't take that either.

I think the Leeds curse has had to go to extraordinary lengths to sh1t on us this year in the form of a pandemic. as a Leeds supporter for 55 years and seeing the good and the bad Covid-19 will hurt us. The last time the curse had to stoop so low to de-rail us was spygate. Before that it used Bowyer/ woodgate incident to F*** us up.
All in the life of a Leeds United Supporter. MoT.

4.) 13 Mar 2020 10:32:45
Could follow German idea, top league stays same no relegation, top four from the 2nd league, top 3 in our case, get promoted. Would mean PL expands to 23 teams but could have more relegated next two seasons. Fairest way imo.

5.) 13 Mar 2020 16:02:16
Bud - that would be a very pragmatic and sensible way forward - it's also German, meaning there are three reasons why it's unlikely to be adopted over here.




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04 Mar 2020 13:53:38
I couldn’t agree more, I can’t see where the Championship has got any easier compared to previous recent seasons. Extremely competitive from top to bottom. I haven’t had a bet on a Championship game for quite a while due to it being completely unpredictable.




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28 Feb 2020 12:51:04
We attack as a team and defend as a team, that’s Bielsa ball. Bera is the weaker link but can bring something to the table when required upon. Definitely need KP back to fitness, hopefully for tomorrow as I feel White does struggle in his role. KP is 100% premiership quality DM,
he’s not ready for an England call up yet, let’s see how he does in the Premiership.




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21 Feb 2020 19:46:43
I feel slightly uncomfortable with these so called footballing offense claims. If these issues arrived in a court of law I imagine most of the cases would be kicked out on lack of evidence. Bielsa gate was another ridiculous story blown out of all proportion by the media. It seems to be that the FA has its own kangaroo court led by a bunch of old coffin dodgers who make up it up as they go along.
For Castilla I feel him being guilty or not guilty will be banned with or without conclusive evidence, it’s just the way it is with the FA.




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21 Feb 2020 16:50:30
Why stop at slapping faces, knock em out I say, now go play like a demon. 😈.




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18 Feb 2020 06:02:25
I wouldn’t get any satisfaction out of either Manure or Chelski winning, I dislike them both venomously. Both of their current managers will win zero. It’s laughable to hear premiership mangers whine like a 4 year old when VAR decisions go against their teams but are silent when it goes for them. VAR, love or hate it, it’s here to stay. Actually it suits the likes of Solskjær and Lampard because they can hide their inept coaching abilities behind VAR decisions.


{Ed047's Note - 👍🏼😂😂