16 Dec 2023 18:48:02
We seem to go one up, and then start playing like we're five up. I think we need to treat teams with a bit more respect. It's as if we go one up at home especially, and think, well there's no way we're not going to win this now! ??‍♂️.

1.) 16 Dec 2023
16 Dec 2023 20:43:05
Couldn’t agree more. Said that to a friend earlier. We need to keep the tempo up. A few players are off the pace since the Leicester match. I’d rest rutter for a game or 2. Even Piroe and start Gnonto. As imo he looks to put a fear into defenders and wins free kicks in dangerous areas. Also start either Joseph or joffy. left it until after they equalised today too change it. Wer I thought after the goal Piroe could have came off and rutter for fresh legs to keep tempo up.