28 Jan 2024 03:16:58
A draw at home to the mighty Pilgrims, never would have dreamed would have fallen this low when I was a kid. ( let alone 3rd division etc) .

We are I am afraid destined to being has beens- way too much money in the game now for the top echelon to be unseated for quite a while .

How I long for the game of the 60s and 70s - our "heroes" today are largely self promoting, tattooed. thugs screaming angrily at the crowd beating their own chests giving it the big I am. It's getting to be like American Football where nearly every play results in major celebration and attention grabbing.

Our glory days are gone but boy weren't they great! Today will ofcourse be the next generations halcyon days and good luck to them.

1.) 28 Jan 2024
28 Jan 2024 03:52:44
' Our " heroes " today self promoting tattood thugs screaming angrily . ' made me laugh ?. kind of true for some players but not accurate for my most recent hero Pablo.

As for Leeds United. we have had some very good to great eras.60s 70s 90s early 2000s

Sir Nostra Baz still feels we could have another very good era . its possible .

2.) 28 Jan 2024
28 Jan 2024 08:12:37

3.) 28 Jan 2024
28 Jan 2024 08:19:33
This year could be a good one if Kinnear and Co get their fingers out this week.

4.) 28 Jan 2024
28 Jan 2024 08:42:56
Get a grip of yourself s for godsake.

5.) 28 Jan 2024
28 Jan 2024 13:25:13
Cheers Brighty ??.