24 Jun 2022 17:49:57
So Phillips off to Man City, clubs apparently agreed 42M deal, apparently fans on Twitter not happy but I say take it, Bielsa taken him to another level but honestly think we've seen the best of him. defensive midfielder near the top of the tackle stats and now appearing to be injury prone too. Thoughts?

1.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 18:20:52
Completely agree, he’s been a great servant but think he’s peaked and slightly overrated by some of our fans. We’ve got a good fee and it could significantly improve the squad. Only disappointment is that McAtee isn’t the swap player, never heard of this Gyabi.

2.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 19:37:17
Couldn’t agree anymore. Wasn’t the player he was when he returned from injury. The Marcelo factor has been lost on him I feel. Good deal for both clubs and best wishes and good luck. Onwards and upwards. MOT. ?⚽️.

3.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 20:27:34
Chris wood £27mill, buendia £34mill, it's a Leeds thing, probably a bit shallow to say oh, Bielsa got the best out of him and he's now too old to improve .

4.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 21:21:46
Good luck to Philips sign mohamed camara fill the gap no problem great player.

5.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 21:51:00
Chris mate, those prices, for those people, make it all the more shocking. I have however read now that the price is likely to be more like £55m, which is closer to the mark. I hope Kal continues to flourish, and enjoys a fantastic World Cup.

6.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 22:52:06
Wood 27 mill? You sure?

7.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 23:00:05
That's my. point Brighty
Wood can't score goals as a 9 yet went for 27 .

It's a fark-ing joke is this deal.

We probs got Poveda Mk2 for 5 .

8.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 23:41:36
Sorry yes your right Corky 25, either way huge money for a very average lad.