13 Apr 2024 10:04:29
Re; footballers, money and character.
Just because they make big money, doesn't mean they can't show loyalty, build strong relationships with their coworkers, help each other, be committed to the cause, and care for their objectives. Be leaders without playing. Likewise, it doesn't mean that they do show any of the above qualities!
The money is irrelevant, just an added bonus, to those players, like Coops, like Stuarty, Archie, Amps and a host of others from days past, who are genuinely good characters and good people, who actually feel blessed to do what they do, and be paid for it.
If you speak to ex pros, many say that the most rewarding part of their privileged occupation is the community work they get to do, for FREE.
It also doesn't mean that some of us can't appreciate a good human being when we recognise one, and point it out, without the worn out rhetoric of "so they should, they earn enough, blah, blah, blah. "!

1.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 11:34:32
Great post Brighty, it's really nice to hear some refreshing thoughts around this subject.
I always feel there is a misconception about footballers. Yes, some are arrogant and privileged, but there are a large number out there that go to work and just want to go home like tge rest of us. I loved it when Bielsa came in and got the group litter picking, this wasn't necessarily to clean an area. It was to intill realism and for them all to bond and get a sense of togetherness.
I for one feel that DF is very much like that, he almost cones across like a father figure to them after each match, and you can see they are as one.
I for one am happy how this season has gone, promoted or not it's been good and proud to be Leeds.

2.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 11:55:52

Be a good man now and copy +paste the thread where I said they " can't show loyalty"

You accuse Baz +Blanco all to regularly of exactly what you have now just done

Read what I said, then you might come back with an apology ?

I never said that.

3.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 11:57:33
And you say speak to ex pros about community work!

Go ask Djed Spence on his thoughts on that stuff?.

4.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 12:03:14
Well put Brighty.

5.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 12:26:59
Just think what Chris Is actually saying most normal people off today would not criticising him and I will agree just look at all the court cases there been buying of witnesses and all that just because they’ve got the money. Some are well over paid.

6.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 12:27:46
I did read it CC. Might have paraphrased and used words to which you had responded, but I actually read it 3 times. Thanks.

7.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 12:31:02
And the choice of that unpolished turd Spence doesn’t really help your argument with this one pal! He was the exact opposite of what brings praise and support for the likes of Cooper et al! You of all people should be slagging that womble!

8.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 12:54:05
Still waiting Brighty!

Pros don't show loyalty,
Your claim I typed.

9.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 13:25:17
Chris spot on.

10.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 13:28:25
You chosen to ignore an entire post and pick up on one word Chris. As I say, others used the word, and you chose to discredit those posts without use of the word. There is such a thing as interpretation in the English language! Clearly brasses you off, but I ain’t too bothered, as to put it bluntly, your initial post regarding money and players was bull. There ya go. Argue with that statement instead, eh!?

11.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 13:33:42
So many words Bright

But you still can't find the 1's you claim I typed,

There's a word for that again!

12.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 13:34:39
Speaking of " brassing of "

And here's you now looking a tad silly

Show me where I typed the words.

13.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 13:40:46
The man who claims, people on this site should be free to post threads without being judged because. all our opinions are worthwhile

Then goes and lambasts my opinion ?

The smell of the H word is very heavy in the air Brighty ?

What's the word for that again?

14.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 17:53:36
Read again, and tell me where I stated that YOU typed that word, then wind yer neck in and do one.

15.) 13 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024 20:05:19
Wind yer neck in and do 1

The keyboard warrior rests ?.