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20 Oct 2018 20:50:09
Think we took a bit to get going today, half-time came at the wrong time as we were beginning to get the game by the scruff of the neck with a goal.

Thought Cooper played well (and I'm always usually critical of him) . Phillips, Siaz, Klich had good games.

Roberts invisible for long periods.

Here's back to winning ways on Wednesday.

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20 Oct 2018 20:54:35
A sensible post, well done. :)

16 Oct 2018 13:57:12
One red top has been linking us with Luton Town right-back James Justin today. can play in a number of positions, 20 y old.

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18 Oct 2018 09:46:55
Hmm wonder what Lewis coyle thinks on reading that?

15 Oct 2018 17:10:53
McTomminay from Man Dirt on loan the latest from Sly Sports. I think they just make half of it up!

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16 Oct 2018 01:51:22
He wouldn't get a game at Leeds.

13 Oct 2018 12:22:19
Marcelo and Victor in crowd at Barnsley, any idea lads whom they may be interested in?

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13 Oct 2018 13:40:11

13 Oct 2018 14:25:32
Mowatt would never get up to speed in a Bub team.

13 Oct 2018 14:35:05
I think we should all be v worried as Bielsa is reported to have said BIELSA "I came to Leeds as the biggest challenge I could find but really it's too easy, with this team and these fans. What I really need is a kamikaze type challenge, where people will question my sanity. So here I am at Oakwell"
REPORTER Why Barnsley?
BIELSA Hillsboro was shut.

13 Oct 2018 17:25:58
I know that Al, was just being silly.

13 Oct 2018 17:27:07
Ooh leodis! nearly spilled me coffee :)

13 Oct 2018 18:12:31
He was showing the Barnsley fans what a proper Leeds head coach looks like.

13 Oct 2018 18:30:44
Bielsa was looking for a new bucket, turns out they were just a couple of potts.

14 Oct 2018 09:43:25
Dan Potts has been mentioned as a possible.

14 Oct 2018 15:19:04
If he's not much cop, at least we'll have Potts to pee in ;)

07 Oct 2018 20:26:26
Think it’s fair to say Mr Orta is Leeds now 🤗.

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08 Oct 2018 10:43:34
An interesting point Woody, and was great to see such passsion in his celebrations. As the man behind recruiting Bielsa, he needs lots of credit, and lots of apologies from those who slated him.

08 Oct 2018 12:00:53
Has he changed his name by depoll Woody?

08 Oct 2018 14:31:57
VO will be one of the first on the pitch when we get promoted :)

08 Oct 2018 17:16:10
He took a hammering last year and didn’t walk away when he could have.

He was right about Klich

Some very good players in the u23s

Let’s judge him in 5 years. Looks like he’s here for the duration and I like the guy if that is how much a Leeds goal means to him.


08 Oct 2018 20:21:18
A mate of mine bumped into Victor in Leeds on Sat night. Says he was really nice and when asked to sign some quality in January Orta replied ‘don’t worry’.

09 Oct 2018 09:13:12
He was right about Klick bit wrong about everybody else.

09 Oct 2018 15:50:13
Saiz and Alioski haven’t done too badly

Rest are hit and miss

Grot still has a chance

As the man himself says, you can sign technically good players but you won’t know how they respond to a different country, league or Millwall

I think they learned lessons by signing players with more experience of the league


Everyday’s a school day.

11 Oct 2018 12:22:41
Its nice that the bloke is showing a bit of passion but the bloke has brought a lot more garbage than good players in, let's not get too excited.

13 Oct 2018 19:36:41
I still don't like him. Sorry I don't know him he might be fine but I don'tthink he is a good scout.

16 Oct 2018 13:42:58
Not an Orta fan to be honest. When some of his young international stars break through, half of who are gone or on loan, will impress me a bit more. All these bargains from Barcelona and Juve and Inter. The players progressing to the first team are mainly British and we have had a scouting system in place for decades to unearth them so no credit to Orta for that me thinks. Think he has got better with first team buys but that may be Bielsas doing as well. He will not want anybody. For me jury is still out on Orta, no doubt he is passionate but if you have to sign 15 to get two good ones do not think that is scouting.

07 Oct 2018 14:15:51
Was working yesterday so could not get to the match but watched it last night through my beer goggles and again this morning. Thought Brentford were the best we have met this season, caused us a lot of problems. Ref certainly a Brentford fan, needs to dropped to lower leagues, very poor.

Although once again some of our players were off their game, maybe need a rest, we more than held our own and i think if the ref had let the game flow we would have seen us win that one. Third not a bad place to be after all our injuries and in a way i am glad Ayling gets to have a rest now as well.

Said before we are missing Pablo and Roofe up front to get the goals flowing again. If the ref had his glasses on and spotted the dive we would have won 1-0 so not downbeat over the result, or performance. these things happen. Think we are a top three team and deserve to be and come end of season will expect us to still be up there.

West Brom for me are the team to beat, dodgy defence but score for fun. Blunts and Bees will drop away but will be thereabouts for a play off position. Very close so far as Forest have shown by jumping into the play off position. Think the team who wins it will be the first one to get 5 points ahead over the winter.

If we sign two or three players in Jan, which we have the money for, think that could be us. Always positive because no point being negative when you are in the top three. Think the young lads coming through and getting game time will be a big help this season. Onwards and upwards.

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07 Oct 2018 14:58:33
Whats up ed running out of things to put on the rumours page.

{Ed001's Note - it is Ed033 for some reason he doesn't seem to understand the difference between rumours and banter. He keeps doing this just to keep the page ticking over when it does nothing bar making a mess.}

07 Oct 2018 14:59:27
Very positive, BIGE, like it!

08 Oct 2018 10:44:46
Great post Bige. Yours are always a good read pal!

05 Oct 2018 08:11:37
Really looking forward to the Brentford game. Interested to see how the game plays out from a actical point of view. Both teams normally dominate possession, so something has to give. Both teams usually score. Brentford usually concede at least a goal, especially away and they got beat 1-3 at Derby which could be a pointer.

We need to have our scoring boots on and have a safe first 20 mins. We don't want to be giving this team a 2 goal start. 2-1 to us, I hope!

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03 Oct 2018 15:14:38
Tom Pearce looks a starter on Saturday.

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03 Oct 2018 18:19:08
I wonder if he is also thinking if playing Dallas there?

03 Oct 2018 20:39:31
Why didn’t he bring Pearce on against Hull? Am I missing something, wouldn’t that just have been like for like?

03 Oct 2018 22:34:41
Good point Canada. Could go either way.

04 Oct 2018 00:57:57
All I know is I trust Bielsas judgement!

05 Oct 2018 11:28:31
Its an ideal opportunity to give Pearce a run out but I suspect he may go with Dallas. He seems reluctant to use the youngsters unless in a no pressure situation. Can see his thinking-protecting them etc- but if you never test them you never know what they've got. Give Pearce a run out, trust him and let's see what he's made of. Same with Clarke when he's needed.

02 Oct 2018 22:41:28
Thank god for that. First win in 6 and much needed. Hopefully now we can push on and start to get some momentum behind us and confidence back.

Bielsa can’t be happy with what he sees currently we need to get some of our better players back sooner rather than later. If we take on chances we could have been 10@ points clear by now.

Come on Leeds let’s get it together!

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02 Oct 2018 23:35:58
Alf Everything okay with you? 2 weeks ago we beat Preston 3 to nil. Don't think even the Football League would have us play a game every 2 days. Try get your facts right for next time.

03 Oct 2018 00:27:25
Surely second win in 6?

03 Oct 2018 06:42:37
AL. actually 2nd win in 4. 👍👍⚽️⚽️⚽️.
But hey. We are top off league. !

03 Oct 2018 11:10:56
Alf, you’re not related to Alf Roberts who used to run the corner shop in Corrie are you? He was always a grumpy bugger as well! We are in the best position that we have been in as a club for years, it’s not the same as last years high. Sure we’ve got lots of challenges to come but we’ve done bloody well, the players are giving their all and we’ve got a coaching team that can coach through all levels of the club. Look at what happened with Ekuban, Grot, last year and compare that with Roberts, compare Harrison with Sacko! We’ve missed Hernadez and Roofe for the last 5 games! Give the team a bit of credit!

03 Oct 2018 15:04:31
Cracking postage Spaniard.

02 Oct 2018 21:45:05
very pleased with win but not performance

2nd half better but not great

it took a world class goal and last two goals have been shots outside box, this worrys as can't rely on them week in week out (certianly not more than one a game)

not enough shots on target (1 i think) our keeper made more saves than theres?

foward players get critizesed but i think they are often isolated which leaves them little option and haveing to do the amazing every time

people say about MB and yes he is good but recent results and performance have not been great. in my industry you are only as good as your last performance and in this game your only as good as recent form and ours is not great

yes it was a win and pleased but against poor team and recenly we have played a lot of poor teams and not been amazing.

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02 Oct 2018 22:18:59
We won the game and you’re unhappy. Sign of a good team winning when you haven’t played well. Why can’t people be slightly positive for a change!

02 Oct 2018 22:26:34
Matt Don't confuse Berm with people nor people with Berm.

02 Oct 2018 22:49:13
Point well made George lol.


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