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30 Aug 2021 19:52:16
Dan James 25 million!

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30 Aug 2021 20:02:22
I hope not, could have got Nandez for that kind of money.

{Ed014's Note - I’ve just read £30 million, more like £30 he’s a speed merchant and nothing more.

30 Aug 2021 20:14:56
100% confirmed Corky? Toffees were trying. to hijack at 11th hour supposedly.

30 Aug 2021 20:22:43
If this goes ahead, ripped off again, no better than what we have.

{Ed014's Note - that’s a nuts fee!

31 Aug 2021 07:14:58
On good another winger!

30 Aug 2021 14:34:09
The wannabe oracle Fabrizio Romano saying that we are in "advanced talks" for Dan James.

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30 Aug 2021 17:42:08
Hope it's a loan with an option but not an obligation to buy. Best to see if he can respond to Bub coaching first. Otherwise he could be an expensive flop. He has pace yes but as a footballer Costa is more skillful.

25 Aug 2021 23:01:37
Leeds United are battling West Brom for USA international Daryl Dike, with a potential loan deal on the cards.

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25 Aug 2021 23:35:25
Alf How do you know? More eavesdropping during your vital doily placement at a board meeting?

26 Aug 2021 06:39:50
I was slicing lemons to put in the board members drinks this week George.

26 Aug 2021 09:14:18
Lemons Again.

26 Aug 2021 15:38:58
Times are hard at Leeds Martyn, its all they can afford.

27 Aug 2021 16:22:13
Hilarious Martyn.

24 Aug 2021 13:47:17
reportedly interested in signing exciting Sheffield United forward Daniel Jebbison - allegedly had a 5m bid turned down already.

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24 Aug 2021 17:20:47
Not again.

24 Aug 2021 18:17:28
who? Never heard of him or any previous bid for him Martyn by Leeds

so in this case Martyn you are seemingly off point with your catchphrase not again.

24 Aug 2021 23:18:12
Baz He's the youngest debutant to score a goal in PL. Think he's Canadian like Canada 🇨🇦 😆. Martyn catchphrase whimsical because what he really saying is our interest brand new, not longstanding or recycled like with Kent and James. Guess Martyn don't like repetition.

24 Aug 2021 08:39:37
Rumoured to be interested in Thierry Small, 17 year old left back who’s just ripped up his scholarship contract at Everton as can’t see clear pathway to first team there. Villa and Saints said to be among other interested clubs. I hope we are on for him and convince him to choose us. We all know we are short of left backs at the Club, with a winger playing there for u23s. Small was playing with Toffees u23s aged 16, is well built and athletic, good defensively but also with skill and pace to be a wing-back. Him and Drameh at full back in years to come would be a scary prospect for many opponents.

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24 Aug 2021 12:07:08
He’s signed for Southampton.

24 Aug 2021 12:40:08
Yep. Gone to Saints.

24 Aug 2021 12:58:57
Cluey Wrote about this guy months ago quipping if he lined up with Robin, we'd have a Small Koch in our side. Baz subsequently replied to my post with numerous paragraphs indicating he had a lot of knowledge in this area. 🤣.

24 Aug 2021 13:43:39
Just heard on the radio that Saints have brought the lad in. Pity, he could have been an excellent addition to the u23s, and great prospect for the Club.

24 Aug 2021 18:18:40
georgey leave my lunchbox out of this lol.

24 Aug 2021 18:55:52
George - sorry, obviously so long ago I’d forgotten all about it.

23 Aug 2021 11:22:22
According to Phil Hay, Poveda looks to be heading out on loan, probably to Blackburn. That move would make perfect sense. The lad clearly has talent, and needs game time to aid his development. Obviously he’s at a stage where he needs to be playing senior football, and keeping him in the u23s would also reduce playing time for the new lads, and have the potential to dampen an otherwise positive and energised atmosphere among that squad. His development seems to have plateaued here, to the extent that Summerville has overtaken him. Hopefully he gets the loan move and uses it to really kickstart his career. If he does so, we could have a good player on our hands.

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23 Aug 2021 12:22:12
If it hasn’t been kickstarted by now then he’s going to be a nearly player, get him off the payroll he’s a Adrian 2:0.

23 Aug 2021 12:54:19
Definitely Martyn.

24 Aug 2021 03:51:40
Clue First thing you've posted I disagree with. Martyn is correct but wasn't correct when he said something similar about the boy Wilks. Poveda out of his depth in PL and he won't pull up trees in Blackburn nor dance on their cobbled streets. Talent yes but doesn't know what he's doing on pitch and zero end product.

24 Aug 2021 08:47:42
We’re is silks now George?

24 Aug 2021 09:07:55
Sorry to disappoint, George. You’ll have seen the quotes from Orta re seeing how Blackburn had helped Harvey Elliot’s development, and hoping that they can do the same for Poveda. Maybe I should have put the IF and COULD in capitals to stress my meaning in the comment above. Clearly it’s down to him to use this opportunity, to put some serious work into developing some end product. He needs to give his head a serious shake and realise he’s in danger of wasting his talent; stop thinking street football and orientate himself to the dimensions of the pitch instead. Maybe he’ll be inspired by fellow South American diasporant Ben Brereton Diaz. He’s got a season to work on it. In a way, he’s been put on notice - sort yourself out and there’s a way back. If not, you know what’s coming.

24 Aug 2021 13:00:46
Martyn He's at championship side Hull City as a 1 in 3 game goal scorer. Hardly Dom Poleon.

24 Aug 2021 13:03:12
Cluey You can put a fork in Poveda. He's League Two standard. There'll be no welcoming committee upon his return in 2022.

24 Aug 2021 17:23:19
He’s hardly Danny ings either George and quite a journey man for a lad his age.

23 Aug 2021 04:12:25
Anyone know what's going on with our attempt to sign Leo Hjelde from Celtic? Has the deal been Hjelde up? What's with all the delay?

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23 Aug 2021 09:11:24
The delay is classic Leeds and orta George, when is anything simple with orta.

23 Aug 2021 12:55:40
If he takes as long to buy a loaf of bread as he does a player he'd have dropped dead long before he finished making his mind up or probably bartering the price down.


23 Aug 2021 13:38:48
Yes let's pay whatever every selling club wants.
It was so much fun in league 1 let's get there again!

23 Aug 2021 18:42:07
Why don’t other teams have these delays then Canada?

23 Aug 2021 21:50:44
What like Vile?
Which would you rather have Raphinha for 17 million or Buendia for twice that?

24 Aug 2021 06:28:58
Surely either option is better than nobody for nothing Canada?

24 Aug 2021 10:40:58
Not if nobody for nothing this year allows us to buy the right player when available for the right price.

24 Aug 2021 17:24:47
Maybe just maybe it’s us that won’t Pay the right price.

26 Aug 2021 05:14:44
I support brother 🇨🇦 on this matter. However, a middle ground needs to be found. Haggling over say a million for O'Brien when you should just get the deal done. Once we've got another PL year worth of income in our belts, we won't need to hard negotiate as much.

20 Aug 2021 13:16:45
Looks like Lang on his way for £21million, get in there😉😉😉.

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20 Aug 2021 16:05:04
Reports I've read Dougie say we've agreed personal terms but are currently negotiating with Brugge.
Hope it happens but doesn't sound like a done deal yet.

20 Aug 2021 16:50:18
Go to Wikipedia he's listed as playing for Leeds utd!

20 Aug 2021 18:00:29
What’s that’s! I can feel my nostrils starting to tingle can anyone else feel it? Wait a minute I know what it it is, it’s 🐂 💩.

20 Aug 2021 18:02:21
We agreed terms with de Paul too but nothing happened.

20 Aug 2021 18:58:50
Martyn probably correct. It don't make sense since few days ago there was an article saying £15m was too much for Kent. So £6m more for Lang isn't?

20 Aug 2021 19:39:32
Not saying he going to set the Prem on fire George, but you would think Lang has played to a higher standard then Kent above in Glasgowland, Kent's stats are not a true reflection of his ability when he is playing St Mirren at Ibrox . Hence langs higher price.

20 Aug 2021 21:26:42
CC Correct. We can't be skint if we're going to pay £21m. I prefer Cunha to Lang but Bub knows what he's doing most of time.

21 Aug 2021 09:38:42
Sorry to say, Phil Hay and Fabrizio Romano both say there is nothing in these latest reports.

21 Aug 2021 11:06:12
I told you I could smell 🐂💩.

21 Aug 2021 13:23:25
I predict a riot.

21 Aug 2021 14:31:25
No Noa and no riot!

20 Aug 2021 12:41:38
Word around the campfire is we have agreed a fee for Noah Lang.

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20 Aug 2021 13:06:25
I hope so, need a new face or two to boost the competition especially if Povedo is out of the picture.

20 Aug 2021 16:05:40
It will be egg on tge face for Mr Integrity if that one goes through!

20 Aug 2021 17:53:50
Not really Alf. There’s nothing yet to suggest agreement between the clubs, if indeed there is agreement with Lang already. What Bielsa said yesterday was that effectively there are players out there we’d like to bring in, but we need to be able to sign them. We can’t do that unless their club is willing to sell them, and also asks a reasonable price. At the time of the presser it probably looked like Brugge/ Rangers and Huddersfield/ possibly Burnley were not prepared to do so, so it looked like our business was over.

Of course these reports may just be speculation anyway.

20 Aug 2021 21:24:27
Alf I was still correct so no egg 🥚. Brighty said he'd sign last week which did not occur.

20 Aug 2021 23:04:25
I did say IF it goes through Clu. Besides Lang has a release clause so if we stump up the money and he fancies it there is nowt his club can do. However, like you, I have doubts whether our stingy transfer policy will stretch to 21 mil but you never know. We haven't spent on anyone else this year and should still have the thick end of £100m in the bank.

21 Aug 2021 06:03:03
So no Noa tattoo then George?

21 Aug 2021 13:24:54
Lol Alf! I have my own calendar George, and a week is officially 26 days for me.

21 Aug 2021 14:32:57
Alf Brighty should get the tat. BazVid can be the tattooist.

21 Aug 2021 15:57:25

18 Aug 2021 10:59:41
Apparently Phillips didn't play against Man Yoo due to being overweight! After just finishing the Euros looking pretty slim, his holiday must have been like one of mine to pile on the pounds so quickly!

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18 Aug 2021 11:51:12
Go on Alf, tell us who said it 😂😂.

18 Aug 2021 12:34:56
According that ✊🏻💦 Townsend! Since when does he have the inside scoop on Leeds the pleb.

18 Aug 2021 12:55:43
Think my point is proven😂.

18 Aug 2021 19:39:17
Don't be such a meanie dl - I like that story.

19 Aug 2021 01:53:45
Alf This is why Martyn can't get a game.

19 Aug 2021 09:06:59
Gutted Alf.


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