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23 Jan 2020 08:44:32
Don't matter who we sign they won't be good enough for a lot on here it's something else to fuel there permanent desire to put this great club down.

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23 Jan 2020 17:27:05
Anyone is good enough for me as long as we have cover for when Bam gets injured.

20 Jan 2020 20:22:10
What about the Marcus Maddison rumours. 9 goals in 21 games from midfield. Worth a punt, more lethal than Klich.

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20 Jan 2020 22:05:58
Would be a good signing! Although, I would be buoyed by any right now!

19 Jan 2020 10:38:38
see a post below where fred questions and laughs at my post as i call for warnock and hougton over Belisa

so fred you think a guy who ha no plan b, can't motivate players, can't get his team to score or defend, can't turn round a slump and is following suit with his team P'''sing away promotion again is better than

warnock with his record of 7 promotions

hougton who has a great record in the prem and championship with 'smaller' clubs

for me it is undoubtable that both are far better certainly in the current circumstances

so my question is what do you have against them. is it there records. there success. or do you think belisa is far better if so why?

as for rafa he has managed in this league and think would do so again. if ambitious go for rafa. if sensible go for warnock or hourgton. if beyound stupid stick with belisa.

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19 Jan 2020 11:30:33
Bermo pal. Your points about the potential of Houghton, and Rafa are perfectly sensible, however, you destroy the credibility of the point by even mentioning Warnock.
He would get nowhere near as much out of this team as MB, and would need to totally dismantle the squad, bringing in a team of lumberjacks, and ignoring our youth system. That would be another 2 year process.
If MB doesn’t make it this year, then I would be happy with the first 2. But the Bielsa out thing, is just clap trap, and now as repetitive as the KP thing.

19 Jan 2020 12:33:14
i agree bright

if i was chairman belisa would of gone in summer and in comes pearson. i think happy days

now i think belisa has to go. for me he must be sacked

i would try for rafa and then go for hougton. i'm not saying warnock is right for leeds just saying he is far better than belisa in this league

now belisa can not stay. warnock is not the answer however. if i had to pick either belisa or warnock to lift this team, grind out results and get the points needed to go up. i'd go for warnock over belisa. you can not belittle a man with a record 7 promtotions. however i can see what you are saying i don't think warnock (although great) is our answer. but i do think he is a better answer than belisa.

21 Jan 2020 10:59:56
Must admit i have my doubts about Bubs methods. Great coach but is he cutting it as a manager. The problems identified last season have not been addressed. Still lack height in the team and can not score. Sure there was a big CB available but have we not signed one because they do not suit Bubs style of play or fit his moral code. Sometimes wonder if he is too transfixed with the style of play and fitness levels players having to toe his line or sit in the stands. We play high press but do not know where the goal is. Very few shots come from outside the box. Wingers may as well not be there as ball nearly always comes back inside. Set pieces are a waste of time unless they are for the other side.
I am not slagging Bubs off and do not think sacking him is going to help. Pointing out my concerns and maybe his faults. Love the football we play but if the system is just about keeping possession then its not good enough, there has to be a next level, there has to be a progression. All the homework he does on other teams never leads to a change in players or tactics. If you have an owner who is willing to invest in this style of play and spend on players who will fit in then all is well. If you are asking a bunch of average players to do it for a full season then you will struggle.
What Bubs has done has been immense, took a bunch of struggling players and made them play like like champions. If he can put some fire in their bellies and instill a fighting spirit so the lads come out and play with a smile on their face and enjoy the game then we will be there. Also if Radz and Orta could add three or more players this window that would be helpful and if one could be about 6 foot 3 inch would be over the moon.
Reality is we are in second spot, 4 points clear of third so all to play for. Its still in our hands. Onwards and upwards.

21 Jan 2020 11:57:17
very good post bielsabud

I think his sacking is not even a question of football anymore. will a better manager help the style is not the point

QPR for me proved we are rock bottom. the whole team is deviod of confidence. i think mentally the rot has set in and players can't get a win. i think it is as much about a new manager bounce and a mental lift over football tactics sides of things. Anyone other than belisa would lift the place. don't win against wigan and millwall and he will have to go. shame it had to wait until we stumbled and the board could see what was going to happen. For me belisa was never the answer.

22 Jan 2020 13:52:46
He is not going anywhere until end of season and even then think it will be his decision. Understand what you mean though, if it had been any other manager in charge end of last season there would have been howling for him sacking. But Bubs has a massive football brain so you reckon he can rectify mistakes and pull it all together. At the moment does not seem that way. Honestly think this style is ideal for promotion but you need some class players especially up front. I sometimes think Bubs does not have absolute faith in his players and that's why we lack directness and play the ball about in front of the other teams back four. As i have said some thing needs to change whether its players or formation or just take the lead off the lads and let them go for it like Birmingham game.

18 Jan 2020 21:40:49
warning proper drunk post.

so why has belisa not been sacked yet. board seem to be unable to get players into the club or dead weight out of it

if a club was mid table then after one win in eight they went from 12 points from relegation to just three club would sack manager 'from fear of being dragged in relelgation' so why are we not in fear of being dragged in playoffs?

i got hounded off this site a few months back (and rightly so) for being negitive for and going on and calling myself the orical

now this is not a 'i told you so post' and it is not a gloating post. i'm gutted i'm angry i'm sick to my stomach

but if i a simple fan could see this coming why couldn't belisa, rads or orta see it coming? and more importantly why could they not fix it

there is no way belisa can stay on. after recent slump following last year his position is untenable. the players need a lift and belisa has run out of ideas. although i would argue he only had one indea i the first place and that never worked properly

get a manager in now. before it is too late and we lose in the play offs (if we make them) again.

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19 Jan 2020 03:09:56
Berm Sacking him not the answer because the remedy is a combination of acquiring another striker and possibly playing 4-4-2. Sacking him does not facilitate that. It started to fall apart once the Eddie recall rumours began which was around the Cardiff game I recall. A new manager will want at least 2 new strikers of quality. I've already identified the only solution. Sell your favourite player and buy Bowen. If things still bad, then you can consider things after that but I'm afraid right now the club is "locked in" to the Bielsa way.

19 Jan 2020 10:43:40
george you are asking to stick with the manager and then for him to change

thats like sticking with the wife and expecting her to lose weight and become nice.

either belisa goes or things stay the same. there is no compromise

also look how low everyone is. jittery etc. bamford looked like he was never going to score and part of that is confidence. every time they attacked we looked nervous

you keep saying stick with belisa yet call for 4-4-2 surely you realise both will never happen. the man is not for turning. he is for sacking though.

18 Jan 2020 19:43:21
I persistently warned against the underuse of Eddie. Had ROB decided to implement my at home preferred formation we'd have kept Eddie and not be in this predicament. Bielsa intransigence and lack of vision in this respect responsible for our slump and right on queue. True definition of madness is the repetition of a proven failed strategy. We're repeating last season all over again. Sell KP and buy Bowen our last chance to SOS. That's save our season. As for Bielsa calling Gooners "unfair", yes maybe but he naive. Of course they'd want him to play more. Duh.

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18 Jan 2020 20:18:44
Am not disagreeing with your previous idea to shake it up at home, but it was never going to happen was it? No one will buy KP in Jan, with an immediate 3 match ban tho.

18 Jan 2020 23:16:51
Ivory has tried to buy KP anyway. Not now and not in summer. Why? Because he is overrated. Same with Bamford. Nobody wants him because he is terrible.

19 Jan 2020 17:31:24
Eddie came on for the gooners yesterday and according to the Arsenal fans on social media offered nothing, couldn't hold the ball up ( sounds familiar) and cost them 2 points.

18 Jan 2020 15:13:26
Amazingly there's about 8 very very regular posters on here who surprisingly very very conspicuous in their absence now today, can't think why that might be?

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18 Jan 2020 15:51:56
Rads would’ve scored the peno. That enough for your fishing comment Chris?

18 Jan 2020 16:13:08
Absolutely Chris.

18 Jan 2020 16:21:31
Plus, maybe some are stuck on the motorway back from London.

18 Jan 2020 14:37:46
If I was a chairman of the team involved in that match I would actually be embarrassed by my product that I am trying to sell, what must QSI be thinking of that garbage?

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18 Jan 2020 14:29:34

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18 Jan 2020 13:40:55
Really hope Radz sells up.2 more years of Radz will be painful.

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18 Jan 2020 13:38:26
Anybody know if Bamford played football before we bought him?
Better with Ali on.

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