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05 Nov 2021 12:42:38
Looks like 9ers bought another 7% stake, maybe raising funds for January.

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05 Nov 2021 16:36:07
As I thought bricktop, he would " find " a few pound down back of sofa, because his partners now are a bit concerned as to our position .

Ridiculous we didn't strengthen correctly last window.

06 Nov 2021 17:30:07
They now have a 44% stake. clearly our future owners. Show me the money!

05 Nov 2021 11:09:39
Another day nearer Andreas exit, 49'ers just increased equity to 44% I think

This really needs to happen, Radz is never going to keep us in this division, business model is geared hugely towards himself, with the minimum outlay on squad .

Yes glad of his stewardship, but IMO he's not the man to keep us here long term.

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05 Nov 2021 16:40:52
CC Radz isn't going to leave until minimum 2025 in my opinion. Get used to him.

05 Nov 2021 19:44:37
George we been here before with your predictions, 😂😂😂

Radz actively trying to raise the stock price before he inevitably checks out of LS11, he won't be here for another 4 years Georgey .

Nah, as I said a few weeks ago even though fellow posters said there's no cash for players, I always thought he would find some, because the boys across the Atlantic are starting to sweat in relation to our league position .

Not going to repeat my views but we should never have now been in this position .

05 Nov 2021 22:48:39
Georgey taking about amusingly very inaccurate predictions; what happened to your big tip for a regular LUFC 1st team place your lad Niall Huggins?

I was right all along about my lad Cody Drameh being a much better prospect than Huggins.

06 Nov 2021 15:19:27
Baz Good to see your record hasn't changed. I can just see you in future in your early 110s reaching for one of your "devices" from your hospital bed, the nurse having written down each of your log ins, attempting to type or audio speak a post about my Huggins prediction.

06 Nov 2021 15:24:18
CC He'll find comfort dining off KP and Raph sales then sell once stadium expansion project complete and we've played in it for a season. He'll then give an emotionally charged speech and written farewell struggling with the ethics of his departure as the full reins are transferred to 49ers and Lowy. That won't all occur until 2025. However, credit where it's due you were right about Levy and Mourinho. Keep up your great personality banter along with Baz.

06 Nov 2021 17:31:47
The misspelled “Oricle” strike again. Mystic Meg.

06 Nov 2021 18:07:51
Georgey, do I detect a wee bit of subliminal sarcasm in that reply 🤣?

We will agree to disagree, Radz won't be there that long, because too much of his stake will have been diluted by then .

IMO all this current silly talk of expansion us a ruse, just lip service to the lads with the egg ball, yes it does need to happen but we will never have a major expansion / upgrade under Radz as there's too much cash involved . Bit +pieces maybe till he goes, but go he will.

06 Nov 2021 18:41:20
Indeed Noa Brighty 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

06 Nov 2021 21:00:27
Lol Georgey your reply to me was amusing, one of your better ones.

07 Nov 2021 13:08:49
110's? Future? That's now isn't it Baz?

04 Nov 2021 07:18:02
Leeds linked with Espanyol marksman Raul de Tomas, although it would likely cost £38m. Wet Sham also interested.

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03 Nov 2021 16:46:21
I see we are now after a lad from Espanyol (paper talk? ) . I keep reading we are after this or that phenomenon just wish he was an AM phenomenon. Or are we just waiting for Lewis Bate?

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03 Nov 2021 12:26:42
Congrats to Archie Gray for his first England call-up, with the u16 squad for the four-team round-robin Val-de-Marne Tournament, which also includes France, Italy and Belgium.

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30 Oct 2021 17:09:12
IF ronaldo Viera has been playing DM at Sampdoria and IF he has been gaining good reviews what are the chances of bringing him home in January?

{Ed002's Note - Zip - he has only just joined them.}

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31 Oct 2021 16:26:48
Ed002 Hardly think 39 months equates to "just".

{Ed002's Note - He spent a year at Hellas Verona.}

31 Oct 2021 19:50:33
Ed002 Nevertheless he's been on Sampdoria books for that length of time plus the loan out shows they probably don't want him anymore.

21 Oct 2021 18:57:53
Bielsa confirms that Firpo will be out of contention for the Wolves and Arsenal games. Maybe returning for Norwich.

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22 Oct 2021 16:57:19
Had Gianni not left, I would be feeling more positive, but with Dallas off for too, Firpo is a miss, even while there are still a few question marks over him.

21 Oct 2021 13:37:24
Leeds United are in pursuit of 23-year-old Olympiacos defender Oleg Reabciuk. Rumoured to be worth around £10m.

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11 Oct 2021 10:55:24
Dallas apparently fit again so should be available for our next game.

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15 Oct 2021 18:33:31

08 Oct 2021 16:11:49
Reported that Phil Hay

believes Leeds United will likely be sold to San Francisco 49ers and Peter Lowy when Radz decides to sell up.

Sounds very plausible and logical ; would not surprise me if that happens at the end of next season 2022/ 2023 or even sooner.

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11 Oct 2021 07:55:23
I can't see it happening as soon as that. Not with the 3 year pla to get into Europe and the stadium expansion.

13 Oct 2021 17:58:17
Indeed Alf. Radz has previously suggested he will step aside once the plan to get into Europe has been achieved, or if it becomes clear his ownership is holding the club back from achieving that goal.

Even though the Toon takeover could be seen as having a potential to send a seismic jolt through the plans of the other owners across the EPL and beyond, it currently seems unlikely to change any embryonic plans for a change in Leeds’ ownership. As the potential new owners, the 49ers and Lowy would seem likely to value Radz input, in terms of experience, contacts and investment through this vital next stage of the Club’s development. And I suspect Radz’s instinct, in terms of business and personal self-esteem would be to want to take on, rather than run from this new challenge.


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