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14 Jul 2018 13:23:41
Sorry about the mid information. qtion posted on Vydra, everything looked sorted until his agreed wages changes in the final hour. Blackman is done. There is nowhere to hide after tomorrow. Can't wait for normal football to begin.

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14 Jul 2018 09:09:10
Have you noticed that our management team are very quiet, the last piece of news we had was Kinnear outlining us utilising the loan market a lot this year. The question we need to ask is if we are doing a Wolves which Radz questioned last year how many loans did they make and how many proper signings? This could be the reason why things are slow! Or on the other hand he's just doing what Leeds always do; very ittle. 😡

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14 Jul 2018 09:32:37
The latter dougie

13 Jul 2018 15:20:34
Antonsson on verge of moving to Malmo on permanent deal.

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14 Jul 2018 08:47:32
Great move for him, wish him all the best. Watch him be top scorer and end up at Real, lol. Good pro though always gave his best

13 Jul 2018 13:31:08
West Brom looking too pair Bartley and Jansson together again. After selling Jinny Evans and in brink of selling Dawson. Aldi wanting roofe back. Could we be wanting too sell to get the extra cash for a player bub actually likes and are worth more than what orta likes too pay ? Just a thought. As things are looking bleak on the transfer market. God help us if we are left too panic buys near end off window.

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13 Jul 2018 14:06:57
Apparently they do not want Pontus.

13 Jul 2018 18:13:56
Who said Bubba doesn't like roofe?

13 Jul 2018 21:18:06
Bub's got Rooooooooofe training with his "core group" so I can't see him going anywhere . unless they offer silly money :)

13 Jul 2018 09:24:15
Seems we missed out on Bartley and now missed on Egan from Brentford . I'm going to make a bold statement . bielsa will walk before season kicks off

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13 Jul 2018 19:18:13
Apparently Vydra in talks with Stoke now after Newcastle not wanting to part company with Gayle to Stoke. Looks like we will have to settle for Jerry the Berry

13 Jul 2018 22:58:41
All well and good but nobody knows who Bub actually wants in, unless you believe everything Phil Hay says

14 Jul 2018 00:29:29
Nobody by his actions AL, 1st pre season friendly in a few days and one player in on loan. That's not the dream radz and co sold us. Even if I was up to it I would boycott preseason games to send a firm message to radz.

12 Jul 2018 13:51:06
Apparently we have made enquiries to Wet Sham about their midfielder Domingos Quina. highly rated youngster.

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12 Jul 2018 16:52:52
We been making enquries, talking to, negotiating with, blah, blah, blah all summer with various players and. Nothing!

12 Jul 2018 19:43:49
One for the futre

12 Jul 2018 20:25:40
I keep having to tell you Martyn that he retired like 15 years ago

12 Jul 2018 22:42:57
Every morning I check the Leeds rumours. All sorts of potential and actual good players linked. But slowly the names fade away as they are replaced by other names, and then those names fade and replaced by more names etc etc. Lower mid table and a lot of "what ifs" . again, and a new manager by xmas. I'd take this at the bookies but the odds are probably only about evens.

12 Jul 2018 10:12:33
Mallik Wilks joins Doncaster Rovers on loan until January 2019. Good move in my opinion provided it's his last loan move. After that, time to do the business in our shirt.

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12 Jul 2018 12:41:41
I'm going to get shot down for this but he's no better than ekuban imo.18 games for Accrington 3 goals. 6 games at Grimsby 0 goals! Hardley prolific. He's just another Dom Poleon, league one at best

12 Jul 2018 13:06:38
You are right Martyn, he needs to show better form out on loan, and he was in a good side at Accrington.

12 Jul 2018 13:46:12
Hes running out of time to prove he has got what it takes Martyn

12 Jul 2018 13:57:11
Edmondson definitely better prospect. I think we'll see a better Wilks this season. He's had to deal with a lot off the pitch. Talking of which Martyn very poor choice of words.

12 Jul 2018 14:48:27
I've noticed that the lads that were on loan last season, and are going out again, are at least moving to better teams than last. That is if you count Donny as better than Grimsby:)

12 Jul 2018 19:46:05
Nothing intended George. It never entered my head when writing my post. I even had to look twice after you pointed it out

14 Jul 2018 08:57:33
Doubt if Wilks will be back after this loan. Think he will look elsewhere. Shame as i rated him and think he is a good talent. He is young and i think he will make a name for himself in lower leagues and end up back in championship.

11 Jul 2018 12:40:58
WBA want Bartley and Jansson. Says it all about our ambitions . Getting really fed up now.

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11 Jul 2018 14:23:06
Don't believe we'll sign any1,think it's a smokescreen to get season tkt sales. we will go down with the current squad and even if we do sign anyone it will be cheap rubbish. Radz is a liar like cellino I'm afraid.

11 Jul 2018 14:29:46
Probably says more about their ambitions, than ours. If we sell them Pontus, then THAT would tell us about our ambitions, but I don't think we will sell TBH, unless it's stupid money.

11 Jul 2018 16:04:05
From what I have read £10mill was mentioned so they can **** off.

11 Jul 2018 21:47:50
At least Leeds fans get their wish. Pontus and Kyle central defensive partnership again. Just at a rival club with more money.

10 Jul 2018 18:51:30
After a recent post from Kinnear you must question this guys sanity, and I quote, unlike last year when we were rushed into making signings, this year we've had plenty of time to identify the players we want but we don't want to rush things and make sure we get the right players in, contradictory or what, Radz is living it up in Russia, Ortas somewhere snogging with Mbakogu and we're left with Kinnear spouting this crap welcome to the madhouse Bielsa.

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10 Jul 2018 20:55:00
Good post rhino, we need a laugh at the moment! Maybe we could all sing, 🎶Their coming home their coming home, Radz and Jerry are coming home🎶

10 Jul 2018 16:55:43
Reports suggest that we are back in for the young lad Kean from Juventus, on their terms of a buy back option at a set price in like 3-4 years time. It’s a bit like what Man City have with Leicester for ianacho . He is very highly regarded at juve.

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10 Jul 2018 20:17:52
From what I have seen of him he looks quite useful, tho he's young and raw so may take a while to show his best.


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