08 Feb 2024 20:59:49 Seems like we are getting "sin bins" next year. A good idea BUT unless clamped on do we not think that the offending team will "suffer" an injury (lasting anything up to 10 mins) soon after the offence. One way to stop that would be the introduction of a stadium clock which the ref stops and starts with a given signal? Basically, it's a good idea but should be punished if abused. A RL long overdue into football By the way do we not think that it should apply to ther infractions?

1.) 08 Feb 2024
08 Feb 2024 22:14:00
Well, it's a trial, so if successful, they may roll it out to other infringements, I suppose. Wonder if we will coin the 'power play' terminology from ice hockey.

2.) 08 Feb 2024
08 Feb 2024 22:58:16
Think it will over complicate things in soccer tbh. Choice of 3 punishments probably too many and as always open to refs varying interpretations. I’d be happier if it replaced yellow or red even rather than be an addition. Let’s be honest. A booking is not really a punishment. Repeat offenders get suspension but fouling an opponent and getting a yellow card is nothing.

3.) 09 Feb 2024
08 Feb 2024 23:48:38
Sh! t idea. Not needed.

4.) 09 Feb 2024
09 Feb 2024 07:01:03
Lots of perspectives, and I weirdly agree with all of em!
I can’t decide. Interpretation is huge, but rugby refs are hardly ever questioned. Until that respect level, and that recognition of humanity and its frailties makes its way to football, reffing in the game will be a mess.

5.) 09 Feb 2024
09 Feb 2024 08:56:23
I wonder if there will be a maximum number of players in the bin at any one time.
Back to the growing up days of goalie v goalie ????.

6.) 09 Feb 2024
09 Feb 2024 09:14:00
Leeroy ?
What Dill said.

7.) 09 Feb 2024
09 Feb 2024 09:46:47
I think it is a good idea but I also think they should adopt another RL rule.
If an incident was not clear or possibly misjudged by the ref he should be able to refer it to a panel who will sit (at least) 3 times a week and the punishment may be up or down graded. Again, it works very well in RL so why not football? For instance a dangerous tackle yellowed on the field could well be redded and a 3 game ban instantly imposed. Maybe a part time job for retired refs or pros?

8.) 09 Feb 2024
09 Feb 2024 09:50:59
Good point leeroy. How long are these bins and who’s keeping track of how long each are on there? Are we getting a 5th official.

9.) 09 Feb 2024
09 Feb 2024 09:57:52
I just want a system to stop players cheating, I remember when a tackle 2as a tackle and players just got up and got on 2ith it. I know some were awful and needed stamping out, but when a player goes down for the merest of touches or rolls about in agony then gets up and runs with no problem is out and out cheating and I don't care who it is or who he plays for acting like that is ruining the game why have a players union just join equity.

10.) 09 Feb 2024
09 Feb 2024 11:57:43
Loll Lleeroy! Yes! A few handbags, and 5 from one side and 3 from the other into the bin! 8 vs 5, next goal wins!

11.) 09 Feb 2024
09 Feb 2024 14:12:21
A monumentally bad idea of such largeness it has no definable edges and is clearly purposefully intended to ruin the game for the audience.

12.) 09 Feb 2024
09 Feb 2024 15:38:17
George, if it works in rugby (both codes) why not football? Aus, We have a 4th official with time to spare. Any continuation of the "disagreement" whilst in the bin - red card, early bath.

13.) 09 Feb 2024
09 Feb 2024 16:35:09
Leo Different game. Inappropriate comparison.

14.) 09 Feb 2024
09 Feb 2024 17:17:30
The referral system is a great idea Leodis!

15.) 10 Feb 2024
10 Feb 2024 10:52:51
As a life long supporter of RL, my team is in my name. The sinbin works well and is established, but personally I don't think it is right for football. Remember, in RL the yellow card means sinbin where as there would be three cards with this proposal if it goes ahead creating more controversial moments than enough.