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28 May 2015 12:34:22
Latest players rumoured as targets for Leeds United

Bobley Anderson - Malaga

Rudd Vormer - Club Brugge

Lex Immers - Feyenoord

Ecule-Manga - Cardiff

E. Riviere - Newcastle

J. Toornstra - Feyenoord

L. Duarte - Ajax

T.Cherry - Groningen

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28 May 2015 13:31:07
we won the euro millions jackpot and kept it quiet eh! You obviously never heard of the financial fair play rule

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28 May 2015 15:38:27
T. Cherry was one hell of a defender but I honestly think he's past it now! Nice hair too.

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27 May 2015 21:07:18
Antonio Cassano the latest name linked With leeds in the Italian press. Apparently Cellino wants a big name signing this summer.

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28 May 2015 11:34:48
I needed a good laugh today, thanks.

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27 May 2015 14:32:29
At last
Cellino has raised the cash to buy ER £26 mill
Don't know if that's TA as well but I know where the cash is coming from.
Another little scoop

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27 May 2015 15:29:47

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27 May 2015 16:57:30
Has he got a grey beard?

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27 May 2015 18:28:47

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27 May 2015 21:17:43
Cellino don't like TA he's looking at buying ground closer to ER says TA is to far away an with him been very superstitious an said TA is bad luck to leeds so well see I could be wrong but only saying what has came out of the horses mouth MOT

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27 May 2015 21:53:02
Wouldn't trust anything he says

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28 May 2015 01:31:06
does this new benefactor have wings?

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28 May 2015 08:33:33
good to hear from you untouchables

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27 May 2015 11:23:56
Totenham and Leeds are trying to sign migliorini, who is a highly rated centre back valued at around £1million

{Ed001's Note - if you mean Marco Migliorini, he is hardly highly rated, he plays for Juve Stabia in Italy's third division. He would be available for about a quarter of that price.}

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27 May 2015 15:30:39
think price is too much

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28 May 2015 17:55:28
One player would love to see leeds bring in, would asamoah gyan: had an amazing world cup was one of top scorers and for the team he is playing for now he scores alot.
The only thing I think is his wages could be huge but would be good!

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27 May 2015 07:54:30
ssn reporting this morning that Leeds will sign Beckford and Paul Robinson

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27 May 2015 15:31:21
would like this to happen

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27 May 2015 20:16:04
No thank you we don't need players coming for their last payday that applies to Barton and Wright Phillips

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27 May 2015 06:09:22
Don't quote me but I've been told Pearson is buying out gfh apparently don't feel comfortable working for a wage an cellino is more than happy to keep the 75% if leeds r to be promoted this season gfh will receive a percentage of the winnings as a settlement for selling up as I say am only passing on what I've heard

Hope this rumour is to be true!


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27 May 2015 08:59:55
I've not heard anything, but they were my initial thoughts when he came in, that and maybe he was looking to put something together for a full take over. I don't see Pearson being Cellinos puppet he has far too much about him for that. Maybe Cellino has realised the Italian way doesn't cut it in the Championship and he's now listening to people.

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27 May 2015 14:37:16
I could well believe this. He's owned a club before in Hull City and owns Hull RFC. I didn't think he'd devote the majority of his time being a mere employer. Makes perfect sense to me and at least safeguards him from getting the axe if he doesn't get fruit loops coffee right!


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27 May 2015 14:44:00
I meant employee


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27 May 2015 15:33:32
can see this happening, so yes agree

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26 May 2015 18:17:28
Leeds united are set to confirm pre season trip to Germany teams are likely to be named are Dortmund, greuther-furth and SC Preußen Münster due to new german Leeds manager matches are set to be played mid July 2015

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26 May 2015 19:37:41
So Long as we don't end up playing all the RedBull teams in Leipzig! that would be just too much of a coincidence to take!

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26 May 2015 23:16:52
Finally a country with decent opposition. Was ridiculous watching us play teams from Slovenia, Norway and Ireland.

Real tests = real preparation for season surely

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27 May 2015 10:14:32
Is that Leeds 11 vs Leeds 11 in Germany or against an actual other club. Its a little different to what we are used to but might just work.

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25 May 2015 21:02:45
Rosler/cellino also are looking at bringing in Pozo from man city as well as barker. He has started for them a few times this season and has also come on from the bench for them. He can play as a centre forward, attacking midfielder, left midfielder (he is right footed, he often cuts inside to shoot)

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25 May 2015 21:38:22
Someone playing too much FIFA 15

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25 May 2015 08:40:09
Brandon Barker on loan from Man City expected to be Rossler's first confirmed signing

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25 May 2015 19:58:20
What position does he play? Can't say I know owt about him

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25 May 2015 19:49:20
Be a good signing but why!! Havent we got young players like him in our youth squad we are told we get told we got a great youth system which we have but no wingers??

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25 May 2015 20:59:40
Barker is a left winger and is one of the top scorers in the u21 premier league, he also has many assists and is very quick

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26 May 2015 18:26:00
I know you tube makes players look good, but check him out he does look like the type of player we could do with.

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24 May 2015 18:03:07
Leeds want Alex Pearce and Chris Baird, they are both internationalists and are experienced, both play centre back and Baird can also play defensive midfield, and has played 29 times for west brom this season

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24 May 2015 10:46:01
According to ssn, rosler wants Simon Moore from Cardiff, he is their back-up keeper and is 24/25, I assume he is out of contract with them and seems like a pretty decent second choice, I would prefer bentley but he would cost quite a lot

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24 May 2015 11:39:18
He's contracted until 2017. Wouldn't be my first choice, but I don't have faith in Silvestei especially after the end of the season shenanigans.

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24 May 2015 20:38:18
Agree JT Silvestrie needs replacing, made some great saves, but also some complete cockups that cost us games.

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22 May 2015 13:02:00
Uwe rosler wants to sign awer mabil from Adelaide united. He is extremely fast, good at crossing and a winger, he has scored and assisted many goals this season and is adelaides player of the season. He would suit roslers formation of 4-3-3 and bring in much needed pace. He is very young as well only 18

{Ed013's Note - Here is more on him http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/awer-mabil/profil/spieler/255729

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22 May 2015 15:19:43
I hope not. Mabil is definitely quick, but very, very raw and his end product is erratic. Scored and assisted a few, but seriously nowhere near Adelaide's best like you suggest. Would be well out of his depth if Leeds signed him.

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22 May 2015 18:39:33
I like the look of this player he's max gradelesque

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23 May 2015 11:07:13
no thanks. quick but full of himself. greedy and cost adelaide when wanting the glory himself instead of passing to team mate for a tap in. this shows he is a selfish glory hunter. no thanks.

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20 May 2015 12:23:00
Ahh, so Poyet for reasons unknown turned down Leeds and Warburton due to not being able to bring his back room staff over.

Mentioned this earlier, everything has to be on MC's terms, he is controlling, contradictory, egotistical and cheap.

Now for the 3rd and fourth choice players to be signed up .

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20 May 2015 17:17:47
Who says Warburton and Poyet turned the job down? The currant bun enough said.

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21 May 2015 19:26:27
not too fussed like warburton but only had two good seasons, don't rate gus at all

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20 May 2015 10:21:15
Press conference at 3 today, rosler expected to be announced

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20 May 2015 12:17:56
lets just hope that he will be suscessful and last as long as any managers that came last season

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19 May 2015 18:04:55
Uwe Rosler??

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19 May 2015 21:28:29
Yeah, seems so, a lot of sources saying the same things and many of the betting odds seem to indicate it. Makes me sad, probably the worst of the managers we have been linked with.

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19 May 2015 23:41:50
Why he may have had a bad time of it this season but his record in English football with Brentford and his first season at Wigan is nothing to be sniffed at!

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20 May 2015 00:00:51
I just think Hockaday and darko were actually pretty clever appointments. It anchored our expectations for Cellinos appointments so ridiculously low that this one seems actually pretty good. which, in all fairness, it isn't any better than Refearn and Thompson.

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20 May 2015 00:49:40
TOBS - yeah he did ok at Brentford but after a couple of top half finishes with him they go up once he leaves (remember that one of the links is the guy that did take them up). Then at Wigan his first season was more about a good cup run (which, ya know, Bradford managed that in a relegation season), the second they end up in the relegation zone with a number of ex prem players. Most of the other manager targets had at least one promotion on their CV. don't get me wrong i'll give the guy a chance if he takes over I just can't see it unless we spend big. He doesn't strike me as someone to inspire a player/team to greatness type.

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20 May 2015 08:15:36
Yes mc, let's appoint a manager who helped a team with good players and good transfer budget get relegated over nr who helped a team stay in the league, great logic. I'm not saying nr is the right man for the job, I would definitely go for poyet, Warburton or Adkins above him, but there is no logic behind it at all

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20 May 2015 09:19:49
Warburton did well no doubt and would have been my first choice. Advantage Rosler has over him is experience and contacts. I think Brentford did well but can't see them doing it again next season with or without Warburton. Rosler apart from last season, and let's remember he left in december so the club had plenty of time to pull it back, he did well. Got Wigan to play offs as well as semi final so it was not all about cup run. He has contacts in premiership and abroad. Adkins I would not have but Poyet I think would fit but the way he left would not have been forgotten by some fans so maybe better not. Redfearn is not capable of taking us to the premiership, like him or not.

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20 May 2015 09:51:49
I agree with Gummie in him being a coach/manager who is a stepping stone to a successful manager.

Potential for bigger names with Rosler??

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20 May 2015 14:13:49
Brentford owner already said he was the one who turned them around into a challenging team

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20 May 2015 16:22:19
I really don't want to be negative but REALLY .

I fear Uwe will be sacked before the end of October

We all knew that MC changes his managers as often as he changes his underwear

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19 May 2015 09:57:33
rumoured that some of Cellinos people over in Cagliari, is he looking at buying players or the club. Or are they just on holiday. Think he could be chasing Avelar LB and Mpoku winger. Avelar did not want to leave last year but may change his mind. Solid Brazilian defender. Mpoku may cost too much but who knows, pacy and tricky

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19 May 2015 14:52:45
didn't he say English players

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19 May 2015 16:37:01
I do not mind who he buys as long as they do a job. And if he can get them cheap and make a profit its all good for the club.

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19 May 2015 20:58:17
yes but coach should say who he wants not owner otherwise you get players you don't want

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19 May 2015 23:41:46
Agree with that, hopefully new coach will have a say but Cellino will still try and bring in players if he can get them cheap. We need a left back and a winger, loan with option to buy minimum outlay.

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18 May 2015 15:05:14
New keeper. Ali Al-Habsi?

To be released in June.

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18 May 2015 15:19:37
Paul Robinson is a free agent, maybe Scott Carson as well for backup, could maybe even use will huffer next season, he is apparently very good and is in the England u17 squad

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18 May 2015 16:12:33
There is Republic of Ireland Under 21's Eric Grimes too.

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18 May 2015 11:47:56
Leeds linked with Anthony Stokes. When on form a good goalscorer but in the past has had attitude problems and more than once been disciplined by his manager. Hopefully time has mellowed him and his actions are now more thought out and his application stronger. If not I hope we have a strong manager - with an owners unequivocal support

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18 May 2015 12:24:00
I think the Griffiths rumor is more likely than Stokes but I can't help but think we need a 6ft plus striker.

I'd quite happily take Matt Smith back and play him in a role more suited to him unlike before. I'm sure he was only sold because we thought Pavoletti was coming to ER.

With a bit more pace in the team we would be dangerous whatever happens, a few more counter attacks would be nice mingled with our passing from last season I don't see us being far away.

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19 May 2015 06:49:33
Leigh Griffiths is exactly what we need he's as physical as having a 6 foot striker up there , he holds ball up well , chases every lost cause , got hell of a leap on him and obviously knows how to finish

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17 May 2015 23:59:33
Aidan mcgeady looks set to leave Everton due to a lack of playtime, with low table premier league sides and a handful of championship teams interested including Leeds.

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17 May 2015 18:10:03
Apparently Mark Warburton linked with replacing Redfearn? would take that to be fair

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18 May 2015 12:27:31
The reality is Redfearn has all but officially gone and we need a new coach.

I am positive about this though as I think the most important thing which can happen this summer is to keep our youth players.

Yes, we have to add players in and around them but young players playing together, improving together is a championship promotion tried and tested success story.

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17 May 2015 09:38:20
List of players cellino has been keeping an eye on an is type of players he's willing to bring to LUFC

1. GK Daniel Bentley -Southend

2. MF Ben Pringle - Rotherham

3. MF Sam Morsy - Chesterfield

4. MF Tendayi Darikwa - Chesterfield

5. ST Lee Erwin - Motherwell

apparently that's the list of players he received from talking to David Moss who he's keen on bringing in to replace Nicola Salerno


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17 May 2015 10:56:08
Champions league in two years with those five in the team then! ;)

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17 May 2015 11:17:01
More like league 1in 2yrs and no academy club might as well be run by the Tories with all the cuts

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17 May 2015 13:12:12
They are the players the press has linked us to,nothing to do with Moss. Bentley good young keeper but do we really need him. The rest are just the press looking for something to print.

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17 May 2015 14:00:25
Mr Jenks - better run like the Tories with the cuts and sustainability instead of like Labour who would just borrow and put us in the brown stuff again, just like when Ridsdale was holding the cheque book!

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17 May 2015 14:51:06
Stick with the Tories. At least we will still have a club to moan about.

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17 May 2015 14:56:50
Kebabman, couldn't have put it better myself, people have very short memories!!

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18 May 2015 10:21:29
So the tories don't borrow then.

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17 May 2015 09:10:27
Cellino wants Leigh Griffiths from Celtic in the summer as well as jed Wallace from Portsmouth

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16 May 2015 11:30:29
Speculation were in talks with a bolton player following his release people saying beckford but can confirm it isn't its matt mills following his release from bolton

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16 May 2015 16:42:00
How good would it be to sit back and enjoy Summer and look forward to great new signings, positive newspaper reports and a great new season. As Roy Orbison once sang "Dream Dream Dream". Everyone always talks about this player that player, new Xhairmam, selling the Mighty Leeds and Blah Blah Blah, whatever happened to what we think, you know who I mean, the wheels behind that great machine. That's the Leeds United Fan, been there longer than any Chairman, player, Manager, and no matter what happens with our beautiful club we will still be there, we are not in it for money, nor status we are in it forever, so maybe Mr Cellino, Mr Pearson and the rest should take a step back and look and listen, nobody cares more than us, nobody ever will. Stop hurting us, stop embarrassing us and stop using our club for your own gain!! Do something that wi make us proud, if you can't get out and let us get someone who can. We are Leeds and we want to proud once more! SORT IT OUT MC!

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16 May 2015 23:04:16
Not matt mills again god! Dnt we have any vision anymore these are players we wanted three years ago lol

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16 May 2015 23:14:39
Not good enough for Bolton, why should want him? We need to be looking for a lot better.

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15 May 2015 14:27:36
Leeds apparently want matt Jarvis, would be a fantastic signing, great player, good experience and a winger

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15 May 2015 01:36:24
So man city sniffing around about mowatt I doubt madman cellino will say as he said mowatt an cook aren't at Leeds for the money they love leeds MoT

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16 May 2015 14:54:41
Sorry I apologise it's a 16 year old in are youth academy city is sniffing around jeez but that man cellino is hard to understand an the man jumps sentences lol

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16 May 2015 18:34:01
mowatt will never be man city level way too slow and one footed

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