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28 Jan 2024 09:51:58
What did I tell you? The Leeds way!
Leeds to add RB Daiki Hashioka. Sorry got to go now. Switching to Google?

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28 Jan 2024 11:59:48
There's only one Daiki Hashioka. Well called Leo.

28 Jan 2024 12:21:58
Leo According to a very new report, this proposed transfer is already off.

28 Jan 2024 13:49:19
Surely not. Porgs. We only getting 6 in. Not 7 😮.

28 Jan 2024 15:30:08
Well our team of top notch negotiators are doing great so far.

28 Jan 2024 18:02:17
Not liking ' the Leeds way '

28 Jan 2024 18:30:22
Reportedly Benson on his way to join ⚜️⚜️.

28 Jan 2024 20:02:10
OldBro, you mean the same negotiators that signed Ampadu, Kamara and Gruev for only £17.4m, as well as signing Rodon and Anthony on loan. Hmmmm 🤔.

28 Jan 2024 23:19:29
Dill still waiting.

29 Jan 2024 05:51:40
It's a bit of a fallacy what you're saying. We've negotiated some top deals in the summer, so they're more than capable. I'm expecting something before Thursday.

29 Jan 2024 07:47:25
Off to luton apparently.

29 Jan 2024 09:57:14
We are all expecting or should I say hoping.

27 Jan 2024 12:48:56
Mateusz Musialowski possibly incoming this week? Another winger? Surely not. Tho if he's owt like our last Mateusz, I would be happy!

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27 Jan 2024 13:52:50
Bright Why would you be happy comparing him to Bogusz? Before you get over 😡, realize Klich left Leeds almost exactly a year ago to join DC United whereas Bogusz, who played for Leeds, didn't depart until end of March last year making him the "last Mateusz". Otherwise excellent.

27 Jan 2024 14:06:15
Lol George! I hadn’t realised that! Touché!

27 Jan 2024 18:14:39
Bright Reportedly the player's agent attended game today.

27 Jan 2024 18:58:02
Interesting, to say the least.

27 Jan 2024 19:47:27
That as a loan or buy?

27 Jan 2024 21:08:44
🇨🇦 Loan but apparently his contract ends in the summer so there might be an opportunity for something more.

25 Jan 2024 20:25:23
We have been linked with David brooks since the transfer window opened, can't see them loaning him out after his performance tonight for Bournemouth.

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25 Jan 2024 20:50:01
Mighty I empathise with your feelings

Best to take these " rumours " with a huge pinch of salt.

25 Jan 2024 23:20:53
Yep just seen the highlights of that game. Brooks was class as was Sinisterra .

Surely Bournemouth would want to loan out Brooks.

27 Jan 2024 12:49:40
It’s reared its head again today. Saints also sniffing supposedly. 🤔🤔.

27 Jan 2024 14:01:39
He'll probably end up with 🦊🦊 should they sell KDH next few days.

27 Jan 2024 14:08:23
That would make sense too George. Can you check yer temperature please? Do you feel ok? Too much sense lately from you, so if you could simmer down, that’d be great! 😜😁.

23 Jan 2024 12:44:32
A question that popped up in my local LU committee meeting on Saturday night in my local fiine ale house. Have we recieved all the money from Barcelona for Rapha? Have they managed to pull their 574th financial lever yet?

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23 Jan 2024 13:34:11
Doubt it Koch.
That’s why we are in such dire ffp territory and have no money to buy and are looking for loans. At the right price of course.

23 Jan 2024 06:17:36
Real Sociedad reportedly interested in the acquisition of one Junior Firpo.

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23 Jan 2024 13:35:12
Sell I say. Defenders not in plan b so do we need more than 2?

25 Jan 2024 20:42:53
It's got be wages why these players like Brooks extra decide play for lesser clubs and that's no disrespect to those teams I don't mean for this to read nasty to those clubs or there fans WAGES.

22 Jan 2024 16:28:45
Heard that Gnonto has a new contract offer on the table.

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22 Jan 2024 17:01:18
Well, it’s now on SlySpurts, so maybe not just a rumour!

22 Jan 2024 17:08:42
Bright Isn't this a precursor to his inevitable departure? Club must suspect he's off.

22 Jan 2024 18:20:32
' club suspect he is off' Georgey ? Suspect?

Willy is under contract for a further 3.5 years. so isn't going anywhere without a transfer agreement by LUFC of (£25 million plus? )

22 Jan 2024 19:19:18
There is talk that he will be allowed to leave on loan, after signing the new contract. From our POV, that puts him in the shop window in the PL, and if we don’t get there, helps ramp his price up. It’s a win for all concerned.

22 Jan 2024 20:45:23
Sounds good if that's the case, Bright.

22 Jan 2024 21:22:25
Hopefully if he allowed on loan as a result the new contract has a significant release clause included.

22 Jan 2024 14:03:54
Leeds United have registered their interest in signing Liverpool youngster Mateusz Musialowski, who has impressed for Liverpool’s Under-21 side this season with six goals and two assists in 11 games in all competitions.

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22 Jan 2024 15:12:10
Alf One of those goals against us.

22 Jan 2024 20:52:05
Good fact George I did not know that.

22 Jan 2024 14:02:53
Leeds have officially approached West Ham about a potential January deal to sign full-back Ben Johnson apparently.

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19 Jan 2024 21:16:32
Stewart Downing appointed new U21s coach.

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19 Jan 2024 22:09:41
SD, as in the former Middlesbrough player.

20 Jan 2024 04:50:02
Should be a role right up his Street.

20 Jan 2024 11:54:20
Well. Scott Gardener has just been announced as the 21’s coach, so what job did Downing get? Confused, as ever! 🤣😳😳.

20 Jan 2024 13:11:35
Ok. Downing is his assistant. Not confused anymore……! 🥴😜.

18 Jan 2024 21:24:06
Leeds are looking to sign Ryan Giles (23) from Luton this window.

The left back is out of favour at the Hatters.

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18 Jan 2024 22:34:10
How do you know? Serving refreshments in boardroom again?

19 Jan 2024 03:22:51
Oh. Was it auto correct and meant to be Alfcuppa?

19 Jan 2024 06:23:50
Alfcuppa lol.

19 Jan 2024 06:24:37
Roll on Jan 31st.

19 Jan 2024 14:04:45
You sure that’s not Ryan Kent we are trying to sign Alf?

19 Jan 2024 15:13:11
Appears so, Cleggy.

19 Jan 2024 21:47:03
I was serving fish and chips to the 9ers Enterprise.

20 Jan 2024 00:11:24
Did you deploy mushy peas as a breakwater? I Farking love fish and chips.

19 Jan 2024 22:56:50
Can my profile name be changed to Alfcuppa Eds?

20 Jan 2024 19:05:19
Welcome newly named Alfcuppa 🤣.

20 Jan 2024 20:29:16
Brilliant - thanks Eds and please make my new image appear as well 🙏.

20 Jan 2024 21:01:42
Although should be cuppa with an a if not too much trouble 😉.

21 Jan 2024 10:46:39
Very well played Alf! 🤣😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

21 Jan 2024 10:54:55
Indeed definitely should be Alfcuppa

Pop the kettle on Alf .

One Yorkshire tea
and a scone, go easy on the butter with a hint of blackcurrant jam please


21 Jan 2024 14:15:57
Thought porridge would be more up your street Baz? ;)

21 Jan 2024 18:17:22
Hmm porridge if ladened with golden honey, bananas and an assortment of ripe juicy berries then ok Alf

9am tomorrow good with you ?

21 Jan 2024 21:55:55
Yep - see you there.


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